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(GIVEAWAY) Homestyle Mexican Food @ Miguel's Jr

Homestyle Mexican Food can be found at Miguel's Jr.! If you're a fan of BRC, then this might be the place for you! What is "BRC" you ask? I also wondered myself when I saw them advertise it on their Instagram... LOL.

I literally Google searched it and not much came up. Then I realized it's BEAN, RICE AND CHEESE. .___. 

Disclosure: I was invited as a media guest to Miguel's Jr. Costa Mesa location last year. I visited again as paying customer because my photos sucked from that first event LOL. Anyway, all opinions expressed are my own and will not be swayed by any freebies received! You know I like to keep it real.

This is the inside of the Costa Mesa location! Plenty of seating inside and outside. Outside, there is a real fire burning for anyone that is sensitive to the cold. Or maybe roast some marshmallows...LOL

There is a great deal for early morning risers! Any breakfast burrito is 50% off when you go to Miguel's Jr. from 7am - 8am! I found this at the Costa Mesa location! Limit 1 discount per guest. You must actually be there at the restaurant to get the discount!

When I saw this sign, I got curious. So... I had to try myself an horchata! Homemade? Cane Sugar? Yeaaaaa, I am all about that. And you know what? the price wasn't even expensive. It was around $2.50 (??) for one size which I consider a medium-large. And if you want a refill, it's only 60 cents! And believe me, you will want a refill.

The horchata at Miguel's Jr. really does have that homemade taste to it. It is definitely not from those fountain drink dispensers. The amount of cinnamon in it is also perfect!

Anyway, I totally recommend the horchata!

I am actually not a fan of their hot sauce. The first time I visited Miguel's Jr. as media I was very disappointed in their hot sauce selection. I thought it was just a bad day though.

On my second visit, I realized that their hot sauce is actually watery and bland. What a bummer! The hot sauce is really liquid-y and watered down. There is almost no spiciness to it or spicy flavor to it.

The "Famous" hot sauce was supposed to have more flavor than the "chile de arbol" but in actuality, both kinda suck. And they only have these two choices too....

My chicken burrito would have been way better if the sauces were better.

Not gonna lie, I was a bit disappointed in the size of the burrito. Here is what I ordered:

Shredded chicken, shredded beef or marinated chile verde pork,
refried beans, Spanish rice, cheddar cheese, lettuce, tomatoes,
fresh guacamole & sour cream

I chose chicken and opted out on the refried beans (I hate beans).

This cost me $7.59 which in my opinion is kinda expensive for a fairly small burrito. I am so used to paying around $6-$7 for a giant burrito at Sabrosada (formerly Alertos) that is incredibly good in taste and price. So seeing the tiny burrito in comparision was disappointing.

Are the ingredients better? That might be why. This chicken at Miguel's is slowly cooked to reach it's tender texture and retain all of its juices. And I was able to taste that in every bite. In fact, that was the most notable thing about the burrito. I noticed how the juices from the chicken were seeping through the tortilla and the entire thing was overall very tender and juicy! But I'm not sure if it's worth almost $8 for a few pieces of tender chicken and mostly rice T_T.

I also noticed there wasn't much guacamole to the point that I forgot it was even supposed to be there. The tomatoes + sour cream + tomatoes made the burrito taste like something familiar from Taco Bell / Del Taco or basically a very "Americanized" burrito rather than "Homestyle Mexican". But heck, I don't even know what "Homestyle" is supposed to taste like anyway.

Since I said no to the refried beans, the burrito is filled up with so so much rice. I don't mind the rice since it's flavored but damn, I could use a bit more chicken in there! As you can see in the photos, the burrito seems to be 1/4 chicken and 3/4 rice + other things.

The burrito did taste good but not sure if it's worth $7.59.

The horchata was damn good though. I 10/10 recommend everyone orders this whenever they visit a Miguel's Jr.!

Just look at that big chunk of juicy chicken! Yummm

Overall, this isn't a place I would visit often. I wanted to take a better pic of y'alls in order to post a review on it + host the giveaway since I got some extra FREE BURRITO VOUCHERS (giveaway below). Because I went in as a paying customer this time around, I felt the sting on my wallet a bit more realizing how expensive it can get. But I did order one of the most expensive burritos...

The chicken burrito I got though was very juicy and tender. Just wish there was more chicken!

If you love Beans, Rice, Cheese burritos, those are super cheap and only $3.49! I hate beans so can't review on that. If you just want a bean + cheese burrito, that's only $3.19 too! And apparently, Miguel's Jr. is famous for the BEANS + RICE + CHEESE burritos.

I learned that Miguel's Jr. is also well-known for their home-tasting refried beans. Again, I cannot comment on this because I hate beans. Also, they use real eggs! Not the ones from the carton, but they actually crack real eggs which is rare compared to many other chain restaurants.

Horchata is great. Get thaaaat!

Are you a BRC fan? Do you love refried beans? IF YES, then give this place a shot!

Miguel's Jr. has locations in Inland Empire and Orange County.

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