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(GIVEAWAY) Big Mac Fans Can Now Try The Grand Big Mac! Mcdonald's Brings 2 New Big Mac Sizes Back!

If you love the Big Mac, you'll be excited to know that Mcdonald's is bringing back 2 sizes of the Big Mac! For a limited time, you can order the Mac. Jr, and Grand Mac. The three Mac sandwich sizes are available now through April at participating restaurants in Southern California and nationwide.

Photo Credit  Mcdonalds

  • Mac Jr. made with one 1/3 lb. beef patty
  • Big Mac made with two 1/10 lb. beef patties
  • Grand Mac made with two 1/3 lb. beef patties

I found a great review on the size comparisons here

I am not sure what the hype is about but I feel like buying 2 Mac Jr. is probably more worth it than one Big Mac because of the patty sizes.

And that Grand Mac... dang, kinda reminds me of what the Big Mac used to be years ago. I remember the Big Mac being much bigger back than it is now. 

As for the review, I realized that my taste buds have outgrown fast food by a lot. I used to be a huge Big Mac fan. Heck, I used to be in love with that Big Mac sauce! My friends and I would walk over to the nearest Mcdonald's after school to buy a $1 cheeseburger (yes, they were $1 back then!) and add Big Mac sauce and lettuce. It was basically a $1 "Big Mac" without hurting the wallet. And it was dang good.

But when I recently had it last week, for some reason, the Big Mac didn't taste as good to me anymore. It might be the meat not tasting as good and juicy or maybe I was put off by how flat and mushy it is compared to the nice advertisement. Either way, their fries are bomb diggity when fresh! I'll never get tired of McDonald's fries!

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So Southern California Mcdonald's was super chill about giving me some extra big mac vouchers for a giveaway! So... that means I am picking multiple winners!

Big Mac Voucher redeemable at participating Southern California Mcdonalds.

Just simply fill out the Google form here:

*Giveaway contest will end March 31, 2018. FOUR (4) lucky Taste Buds will be chosen to win!

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