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Rooster Republic @ McFadden Public Market in Downtown Santa Ana

Whenever I see a deal, I'M ON IT! That's what happened when I saw the Rooster Republic deal about a month ago on Facebook. Rooster Republic was offering free chicken sandwiches to anyone that signed up to their newsletter through the Facebook Ad. Of course, I told all my friends and even advertised their advertisement on my blog. 

Maybe I helped a bit too much or the post was just too popular, because it overloaded their servers and not everyone received their voucher in a timely manner. It's coo` though because luckily I got mine.

I brought the crew (Kevin and Danny) to Rooster Republic to redeem our free chicken sandwich vouchers! I was excited because I've never tried their sandwiches before! Unfortunately, they were sold out of that. 

But, the staff was kind enough to allow us to redeem the voucher for a 2-piece chicken mix plate.  YAY! We didn't drive all the way down there in vain after all, since we were still able to try something.

The 2-piece mix chicken plate costs around $5.49. We each basically got a drumstick and a thigh (or was it breast... or a gigantic wing...hmm). Refer to the pics to see what I mean!

We were allowed to pick either the classic seasoning or the Nashville Spicy chicken seasoning! I am a daredevil and had to try the spiciest one! So, I ordered the spiciest Nashville flavor!

The whole entree comes with a slice of bread and pickle. I thought that was ... interesting haha. I've never seen it served that way. Is that how people usually eat it? Anyway, the bread slice served as a balancer for the spice.

Personally, this was my 3rd time trying Rooster Republic. I've experienced their food 2 times before as media and I'm very grateful for those opportunities. However, I held back from really commenting too much about my experience because it was mostly a negative one. The first time was before it even opened to the public so I had hope it would improve. The 2nd time was a few months after opening and it was still very salty. My 3rd experience proved that consistency remains. 

Although the chicken is very flavorful and super seasoned (too powdery, perhaps?), it is mostly really salty. The overly saltiness overpowers any flavor you taste initially and leaves a greasy feeling in the mouth. This is the consistent experience I've had 3 times. 

On the bright side, the chicken itself is very juicy. I realized I enjoyed it much more once I peeled the chicken skin off, but at that point, it's like ordering any other juicy chicken since you don't taste too much of that seasoning anymore. 

Left is the spiciest level of Nashville Hot | Right is the classic

Look how juicy it is inside!

The pricing here is reasonable actually. The chicken sandwiches are around $5 too and I wouldn't mind paying that! The mix chicken plate we got instead is also around $5 which isn't bad at all.

I handled the spiciest Nashville flavor quite well! It isn't too spicy at first but has a kick at the end. Keep in mind though that I have a high tolerance for spicy! Korean spicy chicken is definitely spicier than this!

Overall, unfortunately, this isn't a place I would recommend because of my past experiences. The chicken is crispy and juicy but overall way too salty that it leaves a greasy feeling in my mouth/tummy. 

If you can get past the saltiness, then it's actually juicy and yummy. The restaurant also has good yelp reviews too so... maybe my friends and I are an outlier?

Check them out on social media if you're interested:

Address to McFadden Public Market (Rooster Republic is inside):
515 N Main St, Santa Ana, CA 92701


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