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What it's like to be an Instagram Husband

Hello hello everyone,

I'm Eating With Hop and I'm going to tell you all how it's like to eat with Hop. Well, not necessarily just eating with Hop. This post is to give you an idea of what it is like to be at these food events as a +1. While there are many types of Instagram-ers, I'll only be talking about the foodie scene because that's the only thing on my resume.

As a plus one, I'm usually there to help. Does Hop need an extra hand? I'm that extra hand. Sometimes two hands. If Hop tells me to move my arm a little up, to the left, and then diagnally down to to the right and have it end up back where it was, then so be it. If my shoe is in the frame by 10 pixels and I gotta move, then so be it. If there is a glare from the sun, I'll be the shield to absorb those UV rays so the photo can come out soft and clean. I always have my microfiber cloth ready to clean the camera lens, the camera screen, the phone screen, and even Hop's glasses. Mostly Hop's glasses. Does Hop want to be in the shot? I'll take the picture. Does Hop want both of us to be in the shot? I got long arms. That, or she'll ask the closest friendly face to take the shot while I awkwardly pretend to take a bite as instructed. Just kidding I bite for real since I'm starving.

There are times when I just want the photoshoot to end already. No, we don't need another photo of us eating. The first 10 photos you took of that food looks fine! No your hair isn't a mess. The photo turned out great! Hop tries her best to be fast as long as the photo turns out good. Aside from all of that, I enjoy being an Instagram Husband please send help.

The title refers to this video by the way:

If you're interested, you can check my Instagram @EatingWithHop

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