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Recap of Ding Tea's Grand Opening in Westminster - That Line Was CRAYYY!

I feel so lucky that Kevin tolerates my sometimes waste-of-time desires to wait in grand-opening lines, because it takes a lot of patience to wait almost an hour just to get a buy 1 get 1 free drink!

A few weeks ago, basically the end of 2017, Ding Tea opened a new location in Westminster. They had a buy 1 get 1 free deal for an entire weekend from December 28 to January 1. I don't actually like Ding Tea that much because I am not a fan of syrup and powdered milk, but hey... if it's a deal? THEN WHY THE HECK NOT!

Little did we know... it would turn out ot be a 40 minute wait. T____T But we already waited in line... so might as well wait till the end.

This new Ding Tea location is actually quite spacious with more seating! Probably the same amount as seating like the Bolsa location with about 4 tables .... (!?!?). The aesthetic is much brighter and airy and spacious! I like the fake grass they put on the wall too. Makes for great photo ops! Every spot needs that IG-WORTHY WALL!

LOL doesn't Kevin look so happy being with me... waiting in a 40 minute line just to order two boba drinks... LOLOL...


I do like these places that allow you to change the sugar/sweetness level and ice level though!

The reason why it took such a long time was because not only was it a very long line to begin with, but many people were ordering 10 drinks at a time. WTF!! Ding Tea seems to have a very strong fan base!

Was it worth the wait? ABSOLUTELY NOT! But we didn't think it would take that long and we were already waiting for awhile... so might as well wait the rest T__T

I also got a stupid drink that I didn't enjoy that much. I totally forgot what the drink was... but it was very overbrewed and bitter even though there is milk in it and sugar in it.

Most of the time, my drinks don't taste very good. Next time I should just play it safe and get the signature milk tea.. or the hokkaido milk tea which is what they are known for.

Anyway, Ding Tea is poppin` up everywhere. For all the Ding Tea fans, now there is a new location to enjoy!

Here is the address:
7691 Westminster Blvd, Westminster, CA 92683

Check out their social media:
Instagram @dingtea.westminster


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