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I am Eating With Hop

Hello hello everybody.

My name is Kevin and I'm Eating With Hop. I'm Hop's number one taste bud, but we don't have the same taste preference for just about everything. I will be posting my own opinions for some places that might or might not differ from Hop's. I'll also post some stuff on the side for a bit of fun too.

I hope to post my experiences so you can see Hop's food adventures from another perspective. I won't be posting often, so you won't have to worry about me ruining Hop's blog. I hope my posts won't be a bother to any of you, and instead, show you what it's like to Eat With Hop.

Any inputs and feedback will greatly be appreciated. Contact me at if you want to complain to me or compliment me. You can also follow my Instagram @eatingwithhop to see my photos while I am eating with Hop as her plus one.

I'll see you all soon.
- Kevin

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