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Jan. 8 - 14 | Mr. Matcha opens 2nd location in DTSA - Offers BOGO Free deals!

Mr. Matcha, known for their commitment to serving quality matcha desserts with the highest quality milk (straus organic milk), is opening a new location in downtown Santa Ana! After a very successful opening in downtown Garden Grove, they are expanding really fast in my opinion! Since this new store in Santa Ana is going to be their 2nd store in just after a few months of their Garden Grove store!

Photo Credit | Mr Matcha

I am a huuuuge fan of matcha and prefer it to be as authentically prepared as possible because it just tastes better that way. Pure high grade matcha... YUM! The quality makes a huge difference when used in desserts and drinks! Also, the color is a beautiful and vibrant green compared to a sorta old brown-green for lower grade versions.

Anyway, Kevin and I were fortunate enough to be able to try Mr. Matcha as media at their Garden Grove location before it opened. It was fascinating to learn that the owners wanted to recreate their own experiences of matcha in Japan, so they too wanted to recreate it as authentic as possible and to bring it over here in Orange County!

I also lived in Japan for a cumulative total of a year, so I know a thing or two about matcha. I enjoy the drinks here and love getting the hot matcha. It taste pure and has a slightly sweet taste to it even though it's not sweetened. That's the umami taste from the matcha itself, indicating high grade matcha.

Anyway, I wanted to give a short review on this place (Garden Grove location only):

Inconsistency: I've been to Mr. Matcha many times as just a regular customer and noticed the drinks are inconsistent. Sometimes, the drinks are great! I fell in love with the Hojicha latte and told the entire world to go get it. However, when I ordered it the 2nd time, it was unfortunately watery and bland. What happened? This happened with the matcha latte too. So I am afraid to try again because I don't wanna waste my money on a maybe

Ice Cream: They sell matcha and black sesame soft serve ice cream! I think the matcha ice cream is actually pretty good and strong and smooth. The black sesame is also very strong in flavor and thick which can be a negative thing since it can get tiresome quickly.

Hope for improvement: I still wanna support this place since I love matcha, but unexpectedly I frequent it a lot less that I thought I would because of it's inconsistencies. So, I hope that they have improved! I'll try again in a couple of months (afraid of the risk cuz I am broke!). I hope that the Santa Ana location will open with a bang! 

I'm happy to see this store doing well. I mean, it must be doing well since it's opening another location, right? But I hope that they won't compromise on the taste and customer service the more they expand.  (I had another issue with customer service since they post very misleading Instagram deal promotions....rant on that in another post). 

Here is the Santa Ana grand opening promotion:
Buy 1 get 1 free

January 8 - 14, 2018.

M-TH 3pm-10pm
F-Sun 12pm-10pm

New flavors: Aside from black sesame and matcha, their Santa Ana only location will be debuting corn and milk soft serve too!

Follow them on Instagram @GoMrMatcha 


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