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Style | Don't Press Charges, I'm Just Bacon For A Pizza Your Food

This is a Pizza Press 🅧 Ties Dot Com Collaboration. Probably one of the best collaborations ever featuring FOOD FASHION with actual food in my mouth. Yum. Of course I would wear the food I eat!

Were you dreaming of attaining that summer beach body? Well, if you didn't, just cover yourself up in food. That's what I am doing! Food is cheaper than therapy after all. Food will comfort you. Food is your friend.

And food fashion needs to be a thing. Because I wouldn't mind getting hungry after staring at someone's outfit.

Kevin and I love to dress up in matching outfits. Or maybe he came to accept it after dating me. Because I will dress him up in cute couple clothes to match - or else

We found the cooooooolest button-up shirts from Ross with Pizza Emojis all over. It was only $10 each for the shirts! STEAL! The shirts, although not in our correct sizes, turned out looking on us. Girls can wear anything, amiright? So Kevin just tucked his shirt in while I wore it as a dress. 

We also got some goodies from! The online website specializes in all sorts of different ties, socks and more! I got a Forever Skinny Bacon tie and Kevin got a Forever Skinny Pizza Tie!

They also have this cute sunglasses tie clip that I had to get for Kevin!

For our dining destination, we checked out the newly opened Pizza Press in Anaheim! They had an Anaheim location before which was in the same plaza as another hotel near the McDonalds. That location had terrible parking and valet was a whopping $14. OMG! 

But the new Pizza Press location in Anaheim is much better! And the parking is....FREE. It's actually quite a good spot for anyone going to Disneyland or staying in the hotels nearby! Pizza Press is that go-to place when you want quick customizable pizza and salads!

Did you notice that I turned my bacon tie into a headband? I didn't want to wear it as a tie, and tried to find a way to make it more... girly? LOL So I just wore it around my head! It was actually a bit difficult to tie it since it is sorta slippery. It is made of microfiber material though! So right now I am kinda wishing I got the BOW-TIE version instead. Oh.... it just looks so cute! 

You can check out all the bacon tie related wear here.

We feasted on custom-made pizzas. I love how the decor and detail of the Pizza Press restaurant is centered on a newspaper / print / press theme. Your pizzas are newsworthy here. Maybe even IG Newsworthy as well. Each restaurant also has a vintage typewriter! I think that's kinda cool. 

And there are also newspaper themed wallpapers all over the walls here. The Pizza Press pizzas are also... you guessed it... PRESSED in a machine! 

One thing I especially like about The Pizza Press compared to other customizable pizza restaurants is that here, the Pizza Press offers the big pepperoni circles. Has anyone noticed that? The Blaze has such tiny circles. Other restaurants too!

But the Pizza Press has these big pepperoni slices that actually will cover the pizza. And you can always ask to add more, no additional charge

Whenever I go to these places, I end up adding too many toppings and the pizza ends up soggy. I just have to take advantage of the unlimited toppings you know? Anyone else do the same? xD

But sometimes, I like to keep it simple and add only a few things. 
My faves are: mushrooms, pineapple, tomatoes, garlic (just dump it all on), spinach, basil, cheese (lots of it), pepperoni, and bacon!

For just around $10, I can get anything I want on my pizza, especially a loooooooot of mushrooms (cuz Kevin hates mushrooms)

If you're not feeling pizza, and want something with a little less carbs and more greens, try a SALAD! Okay, seriously, who orders salad at a pizza place though? I honestly wouldn't because I don't believe in ordering salads. I prefer to just make my own. 

But I guess I can see the appeal of salads when you are reaaaaaaally in a rush and got no time to put somethin` together in the kitchen. Heck, maybe you don't have time to even go to the grocery store. So I guess that's why Pizza Press has added customizable salads to their menu.

Here's how you would publish your own salads:

There are already pre-packaged to-go containers filled with fresh leafy greens. You just take that and tell the staff exactly what you want on it! It's completely customizeable! Add pepperoni... a looooot of cheese... tomatoes... chicken.. bacon... pineapple... make it a pizza salad! But really, anything you want.

And if you don't wanna think about it, Pizza Press has pre-set menus on salads so you can just choose which one you want!

If you love to eat food, wear food... be food.... (jk), we need to be friends. Let's just have a food party where we dress up in silly clothing and eat tons of stuff~

The foodwear from actually surprised me. I wasn't sure what to expect when I ordered it, but they turned out to be very high quality! And the sunglasses tie clip is freakin` cute! I would put that on other things too... like maybe a book mark slip.. a folder clip... 

The ties are both made of microfiber material so they aren't glossy. Yet they are very soft and smooth too. 

The pizza socks are perfect for winter! Actually, they were quite thick and kept my feet extra warm in this CA summer. I don't think the socks will wear out anytime soon.


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