Cookie Pop Popcorn - Cookies and Cream Flavor Is Sweet Heaven

So I was gifted a Pavillions gift card (thank you Pavillions! You da bombdotcom!) and you know Kevin and I had to use it to buy some cool snacks!

We visited the nearby Vons and while walking through each aisle, this Cookies and Cream flavored Cookie Pop Popcorn definitely caught our eye. You can say at the time we were in an Oreo Craze (but that's kinda all the time) and anything "Oreo" or Cookies and Cream I totally wanted to try!

Kevin and I had a "picnic" in my backyard. WOOO! We poured out some popcorn to enjoy and weren't disappointed! The popcorn is definitely sweet but it was very accurate and tasted like cookies and cream for sure. I loved it! Although I might get sick of it if I eat it too much at one time.

The sweetness of the popcorn reminds me of kettle corn but more of an OREO flavor. Although this isn't officially "oreo" it's pretty darn delicious!


A bag of these Cookies and Cream Cookie Pop Popcorn costs around $5. So yea... quite expensive... but if you're down to try something new, at least this is actually good and might be worth the $5!

Would you try this?!