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Oysters for Only $1 During Happy Hour @ The Big Catch Seafood - Huntington Beach

The Big Catch Seafood has recently opened up in Huntington Beach City! It's located by Bella Terra and has replaced the previous Wokcano and 3rd Generation Sushi + Ramen Restaurant.

Kevin and I visited this spot to check out their OYSTERS HAPPY HOUR! And we were satisfied!

Here is the menu of their RAW BAR! They have several types of oysters including:

  • pacific plump
  • kumiai
  • minster sweet
  • fanny bay
  • fat bastard (who comes up with these names?!)
  • kusshi
  • kumamoto

For their daily happy hour which is 4-6pm and 9:30pm - close, they serve oysters for only $1! Chef's choice though! But actually.. the chef's choice oyster is whatever is on their regular RAW BAR menu that they should be getting rid of! Just to keep the stock nice and fresh!

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Kevin and I were lucky enough to try an assortment of oysters which can all be potentially just $1 depending on the day! For the day we went, the Chef's Choice was Pacific Plump Oysters which were so yumm!

I am more of a fan of small but flavorful oysters than big plump but bland oysters. The bigger they are, usually the more bland they are.

I think if you are a RAW OYSTER fan, then this place is for you! It didn't seem to get that crowded for happy hour so I am sure you'll get seated quickly and can enjoy many happy hour oysters!


Connect with The Big Catch Seafood in Huntington Beach:
Instagram | Website | Yelp

7311 Edinger Ave
Huntington Beach, CA 92647

*Parking is awks in a small plaza next to a car wash / gas station (?). It is near Bella Terra

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