Coconut Household Hack - How To Shave The Coconut Meat With Beer Bottle Cap!

During the summer on July 4th, my mom's friend came over and brought a bunch of coconuts! Not the young coconut kind but the hairy ones that are round shaped. I LOVE EATING FRESH COCONUT! Especially drinking the juice... omgggg...

Anyway, the fresh coconut juice was being used to cook a pork dish that I love to eat. It might sound sorta weird... but it's this pork dish that still has a lot of fat on it still and we wrap it with rice paper with other ingredients like pickled veggies. 

After all the juice was used, my mom wanted to shave the coconut meat to use it for other Vietnamese dishes / dessert such as Che and Xoi! Unfortunately, the coconut meat shaver we had was sooooooo weak and bad quality and just overall about to break, that it actually did break while my mom was using it that she had to find another alternative to shave the rest of the 5 coconuts we had. 

So.... my mom ingeniously used a beer bottle cap! We always have Heineken in our house and that's the bottle cap we used. LOL

And you know what? IT FREAKIN` WORKS!

Make sure to clean the bottle cap thoroughly first though. Because I think I tasted some beer in my coconut still ... xD haha

Using the bottle cap was a bit tiring because it's so small. Shaving / scraping off all the coconut meat required a lot of physical labor and effort. I can't believe my mom did all 5 coconuts by herself. *so much appreciation*

Okay, I am getting a bit sad while writing this just thinking of all the things my mom has done for me and all the wonderful Vietnamese dishes she has cooked for me. I feel bad that I am usually never home to help out due to working and going out to food blogging events. I don't even eat much of her cooking nowadays because I am just too full from all the other food blog / media food. *getting emotional* APPRECIATE WHAT YOU HAVE GUYS. <3

So the reason why the coconut in the photos above looked a bit pinkish was because prior to shaving the meat out, I had to be a BASIC IG-er (follow me @x3hoppie) and put some watermelon and blueberries to make it look like I had a cool summer chillin` with a coconut in hand. Yes, I did take a cool basic "summery" pic of this (new post on that) and I did eat all the fruit in there.