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Put Your Face On Your Latte @ Bardot Bars and Coffee - Tustin

Technology is so advanced these days that you can now PUT YOUR FACE ON YOUR LATTE! Or well, you can put anything! Whatever photo you choose, put that photo on the latte at Bardot Bars and Coffee in Tustin! And best of all, there is no additional charge - it's free!

I love Bardot Bars and Coffee and am glad they opened a bigger location in Orange County! WOO! This place is quite poppin` in Korea with 4 locations over there. You might see a few kpop stars here and there at Bardot in Korea.

And Bardot definitely felt a bit like Korea here, especially with their cool coffee ripple effects which is quite common in Korea already.

This is Kevin snapchatting our lattes. OUR FACES ARE ON IT OMG!

We thought it was a good idea to do kissy faces on our lattes so that when we drink it, it's like we are "kissing" each other . lolol .... xD

Unfortunately, our faces aren't so clear because the original photo is dark. So here's a pro tip for ya when you do this: TURN THAT BRIGHTNESS UP!

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OMGAHHHHHH This place is spacious and trendy and so cuute! 

Bardot Bars and Coffee, located in Tustin in the same plaza as Cream Pan, offers not only coffee drinks and egg waffles, but also soft serve!

Soft Serve Ice Cream flavors:

  • true milk 
    • note: I feel like every Korean soft serve place has "milk" flavor. Why is this a thing!?
  • matcha 
    • I think it was more like milky "matcha" or milky green tea. I wouldn't order this myself because I prefer stronger flavor like Matcha Love inside Mitsuwa
The soft serve overall was a bit icy.


When Kevin and I visited, we were lucky to come in during their 50% OFF SOFT OPENING SPECIAL! At that time, all drinks were half off! What an awesome deal! Our drinks were each around $4 but because of the deal, it only cost us $4 for two total drinks!

We also wanted the "coffee ripple" effect which allows us to put a photo on top of the latte. This is free. There is no additional charge to put your selfie on your latte!

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How to put your pic on your latte:

  • First of all, you must have a smartphone
  • Download COFFEE RIPPLE app in the Apple Store of Google Play store!
  • Take a photo! Any photo! 
  • Tip: It's best to take a bright photo. If you are dark skinned or the pic is dark, it won't show very well on the latte. Kevin is so tan that he barely showed up on the latte. 
    • There is also a brightness setting in the app to edit the photo!
  • When you take the photo, the app will take you to the next screen and let you choose the location. 
    • The location available (there's only 1 anyway) will be BARDOT BARS AND COFFEE TUSTIN
    • The image will be sent to the staff and the machine will do it's job!


It is recommended to get the flavored hot latte drinks. Those are the ones where the photo will stay on the drink the best. Kevin and I ordered the Hazelnut latte and Cinnamon latte!

GO GO GO DO IT NOW! It's such a fun activity! 

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Address to Bardot Bars and Coffee: (Same plaza as Cream Pan)
662 El Camino Real, Tustin, CA 92780

Connect with Bardot Bars and Coffee:

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