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Matcha + Sea Cream Is My Go-To Drink @ 7 Leaves Cafe

Are you the kind of person that always orders the same thing at a certain place? I sure am when it comes to 7 Leaves Cafe!

My favorite drink to order is not on the menu. It's also not a conventional order either and I doubt people get this combination often if ever.

My go-to drink that oh so satisfies me everytime is:
Matcha Tea (not the milk tea) with Sea Cream add-on.

Give it a good shake and sip sip away!

Remember to get the stamp card! Buy 9 drinks and get the 10th drink free!  That's what happened to me! And you can choose any size so I got the largest!

Let me know, would you try this drink?

Recently, a friend of mine tried this combination and enjoyed it! She noted that it has a creamy and savory flavor / texture. 

Next time you go to 7 Leaves Cafe, consider ordering the matcha tea + sea cream!

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