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Interview | Passionate About Eating Clean? Check Out True Seasons Organic Kitchen in Anaheim!

From seed to table, True Seasons Organic Kitchen offers Orange County residents a premium hot pot experience with a diverse menu composed of completely clean, organic and GMO-free ingredients.

It was a pleasure to speak to Chef Saifon Plewtong, creator and owner of True Seasons Organic Kitchen, about eating clean and the benefits. I also got to ask her a few questions! Check it out!

Q: What inspired you to open True Seasons Organic Kitchen?
I’m a devout Christian and God gave me the inspiration and direction to open True Seasons. The restaurant allows me to serve him in amazing ways, and of course my passion for clean ingredient based food and cooking was part of it.

Q: What are some challenges you faced in the restaurant business?
Getting the customer to understand the benefits of organic eating at True Seasons compared to other restaurants.

Q: What is the most rewarding aspect of True Seasons Organic Kitchen?
Serving healthy meals and supporting local organic farmers around the area. I want to inspire our customers to eat clean and truly understand what they are putting into their bodies.

Q: Were you always a healthy eating advocate?
No. I’m a fan of all types of food, but I didn't have knowledge about GMOs and what organic really meant until I created True Seasons.

Q: What is your advice to anyone trying to eat healthier? 
It is an investment in your future, and living a healthy life is absolutely worth it.

All above photo credit: True Seasons Organic Kitchen

True Seasons Organic Kitchen, located in Anaheim, is passionate about serving up delicious organic cuisine with purpose! The menu is clean, organic and GMO-free! Led by chef and philanthropist Saifon Plewtong, True Seasons has become one of Orange County's top rated hot pot restaurants! 

The restaurant specializes in organic hot pot a.k.a. shabu shabu. They also have all-organic wraps, salads, bowls and desserts too!

The restaurant is happy to announce that there are new items added to the menu! Yay! This includes:
  • organic wild caught salmon, organic Thai curry chicken (get it in rice bowls, salads or wraps!)
  • organic teriyaki chicken (get it in rice bowls, salads or wraps!)
  • 100% organic all natural gelato and popsicles including green tea!

They even created their own house-made Sriracha made with lemongrass, chili, kaffir leafs. Totally guilt-free because there is no sugar or GMOs!

*I personally haven't tried their shabu shabu yet but the fact that this place is passionate about keepin` it clean and all natural is great! I hope to try it soon, especially their dessert!

Address to True Seasons Organic Kitchen:
5675 E La Palma Ave, Anaheim, CA 92807

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