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Totoro Santa Claus Is Coming To Town This Holiday!

Who's coming to town this holiday? Totoro Santa!!

Too too cute! Kevin and I were just walking around Irvine Spectrum a few weeks ago and we always like to check out Honey and Butter to see what they have in stock!

I usually only get character macarons because those are the best! It's just so cute and makes me feel like my money is well spent when I do. Recently, for a long time, they didn't make any character macarons for the Ice Cream sandwiches. Bummer!

But, this one time we went in they had Santa Totoro! EEEK!! HOW CUTE!

So obviously I had to get it!

Unfortunately, I am not a fan of Honey and Butter's ice cream. Sure, they make it in-house and fresh and all but the flavors aren't at all that innovative to me. They are a lot more simple and very sweet. Too sweet! 

They only ever carry 4 different ice cream flavors at one time. My favorite one is probably the Avocado which tastes like an actual avocado with some condensed milk (other places usually have a more avocado smoothie - like flavor). 

This time, I got the Vanilla Cream (I think) flavor which tastes like cake cream or something. I just haaaaad to get that Totoro Santa and for 5 bucks? My heart was satisfied!

The ice cream sandwich itself comes with toppings included! I got oreo crumbs and french toast crunch cereal! Yummy! 

The macaron shell itself is cookies and cream macaron and was extremely good. So so soft and moist and fresh tasting. This is why I love Honey and Butter Macarons the best!

Then it was off to reality to find our car and go back to class... T__T Luckily it's nearby (CSUF Irvine Campus).

Honey and Butter always has the cutest characters! They don't make the same ones everyday though but you can probably bet that they have some kuma / bear shaped macaron. They don't always have Totoro either so we were lucky!

I am in love with their french toast flavored macaron. It is so accurate and yummy! Other faves are cookies and cream and matcha!

They have two locations: Irvine Spectrum and The Lab. I would recommend going to Irvine Spectrum because there is more selection there and it opens later.

Address to Honey and Butter - Irvine
633 Spectrum Center Dr, Irvine, CA 92618
*Where Charlotte Russe is at Irvine Spectrum Mall!

Address to Honey and Butter - Costa Mesa
2930 Bristol St, Costa Mesa, CA 92626
*At the Lab Anti-Mall

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