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Cinnaholic in Brea Lets You Customize Your Own Gourmet Vegan Cinnamon Rolls

The "Chipotle" concept has even reached CUSTOMIZABLE CINNAMON ROLLS! Cinnaholic, now open in Brea, specializes in DIY Gourmet Vegan Cinnamon Rolls! 

Photo Credit | Cinnaholic

A photo posted by Cinnaholic (@cinnaholic) on

A photo posted by Cinnaholic (@cinnaholic) on

So I haven't been here but thought I'd share it on the blog because it seems like an interesting shop! Saw it on Instagram and thought ... wow they make customizable / DIY / subway / chipotle style any type of food these days... o____O  Like Halfsies donuts which is like DIY toppings on a donut. Now, there's Cinnaholic too? DIY Toppings on a cinnamon roll? So much flour and carbs!

What makes Cinnaholic stand out though is that it caters to the vegan crowd. Yes, these are PICK-YOUR-OWN-TOPPINGS customizable VEGAN cinnamon rolls. They are so serious about serving vegan products that even their website used to show a video on the causes of non-vegan food (all the animal abuse and sad stuff) but they have removed it.

They also even use only vegan sugar. Check out their ingredients list here.

I wonder if this includes... the toppings? Are the toppings vegan too?

Okay so the concept is quite cool but also "too much" as in everything nowadays is a choose-yourself concept. But hey, it's all about personalization and individualization here!

I say, go try this if you are looking for vegan desserts! 

I personally am not vegan so wouldn't care for trying something that's basically decorating bread with candy.... xD

Connect with Cinnaholic:
Instagram | Website

Address to Brea Lcation:
101 W Imperial Hwy, Brea, CA 92821
*Near Corner Bakery by Downtown Brea on intersection of Brea Blvd and Imperial Hwy

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