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The New "It" Restaurant, Harvest, is Now Open at The Ranch at Laguna Beach

Fantastic views, right beside nature, sophisticated yet cozy atmosphere and just steps away from the beach, Harvest is exactly what you need to add to your dining destinations list. 

That fancy restaurant you've been looking for to fulfill that perfect holidate is now open, at The Ranch in Laguna Beach.

The interior of the restaurant is too beautiful, more than words can even fathom.

And the exterior is even more beautiful. Beside nature and trees and the silhouette of the mountains, this place is the perfect getaway from the busy city life. 

Chefs are hard at work cooking up fresh food for the grand opening party guests.

This is the pan seared salmon. So delicious and I love the crispy salmon skin!

They also served lamb meatballs with Harissa tomato sauce. Soooooo delicious!

This restaurant is seriously so beautiful!

Shrimp Cocktail, Avocado Mousse, Curried Almonds and Hearts on Fire.

Chicken Skewer with roasted lmon marinade and chimichurri.

On this place there is the Shrimp Cocktail as well as the Hamachi Crudo with pickled pears and fresnos and yuzu plus shiso sauce. 

Harvest Burger with tomato jam and horseradish. Kevin and I didn't like this one at all because we don't like horseradish....

The meat patty itself was juicy and deliciou though!

These bloody mary mussels were fantastic. Love the sauce! Couldn't stop dipping the bread with the sauce!

Mezcal Cured Salmon with herbed creme cheese and scallion puree.

Apple Fritters with cinnamon sugar, orange whipped cream,  and apple cider reduction. These were amazing!

Panna Cotta with popcorn!? Omg! These were the panna cotta with salted caramel, candied corn nuts, popcorn shoots and saba.

The pot de creme which is espresso whipped cream with cocoa nibs and chocolate mint. A very well-blended dessert!

This restaurant is actually huuuuuge so there is ample seating. I love how there are different areas of the restaurant where the decor is a bit differnent. All very classy while some parts may be more cozy and others are more elegant. 

The Harvest restaurant actually used to be a cabin that the locals would visit and love. They have some blast from the past memorabilia on the wall! If only rent was this cost still...

Kevin had to write his name on the chalkboard... HAHA! Fun times. I actually saw others write some cute notes too.

Here is Kevin erasing the evidence... 

An Extravagant Evening at Harvest at The Ranch
Kevin and I were invited as guests to join the Grand Opening celebration of The Harvest, Laguna Beach's new restaurant located at The Ranch! When I first found out about this event, I was ecstatic! I looked up the location and discovered that The Ranch has a golf course, deer park, and a huge park that is perfect for gazing at the night sky. It is also just steps away from Laguna Beach, which is one of my favorite beaches ever!

When we arrived, I was amazed by the area. I must warn you, this place is hard to find because the entrance to The Ranch is merely an arrow pointing to a small street on Pacific Coast Highway. It's likely you'd have to make a few u-turns but it is well worth it to dine at this restaurant. Or even, just to be there.

All the green made me feel like I was in another world. Nestled in the Wood and Aliso canyons, I felt like it was a getaway from the busy everyday city life. I love the fresh crisp air and the calming landscape. I knew the restaurant would also offer a great experience as well.

We got to try various samples of the menu. Here is the rundown:

Mezcal Cured Salmon with herbed creme cheese and scallion puree: Basically a cream cheese calmon toast. Sorta. This was delicious though!

Chicken Skewer with roasted lemon marinade and chimichurri: Love all the flavors! The chicken was well cooked.

Harvest Burger with tomato jam and horseradish: Our least favorite item. We are not horseradish fans at all. Not even a little and unfortunately I couldn't stand eating this. I tried to scrape off the sauce to try the meat. The meat patty itself was juicy. If only it didn't have the horseradish!

Hamachi Crudo with pickled pears and fresnos, yuzu and shiso: Kevin and I absolutely loved this! This was by far our favorite item. The fish was delicate on my tongue and melted away. So good!

Shrimp Cocktail with avocado mousse and curried almonds: Love the crunch of the almonds honestly. This was great.

Oysters with lemon mignonette: Kevin wasn't a fan but I enjoyed these. It was fine with no sauce at all. Just slurp it all up!

Pan seared salmon with red pepper tzatziki: I had more than just seconds. Probably like 3 total or something. This was so good. I love the crispy salmon skin too!

Bloody Mary Mussels: One of my other favorite dishes. The sauce with this was amaazing. It was like creamy tomato and went perfectly with the toasted garlic bread!

Lamb Meat Balls with Harissa Tomato Sauce: Kevin didn't really like this but I did! At first bite I was like... whoa, this is definitely lamb. 

Pot De Creme (chocoate mousse) with espresso whipped creme and cocoa nibs and chocolate mint: Omgoodness. This small dessert was packed with flavor! Love how the mint itself wasn't overpowering at all and it was well balanced. 

Panna Cotta with salted caramel and candied corn nuts with popcorn shoots and saba: This basically tasted like salted caramel popcorn panna cotta! Very unique and tasty. A yummy light dessert that isn't too sweet.

Apple Fritters with cinnamon sugar, orange whipped cream and apple cider reduction: The sweetest out of all the desserts I tried here. The orange whipped cream was so good! It reminded me of like... that orange fruity flavor in chocolate candy. Something like that... This was the most heavy of the desserts because it's fried but still good! I couldn't get seconds though haha.

You know how some restaurants boast freshness? The Harvest does too. But they have every right to do so. With their 1/2 acre organic garden, The Harvest is able to serve a farm-to-table style menu to ensure freshness picked right from the backyard, literally.

The menu changes with the seasons which is why it's so exciting. You can expect something different and new. Harvest marries the bounty of the season with the atmosphere and creativity of Laguna Beach. Everything about this place is about celebrating the revival of California's organic farming, ranching, brewing, distilling and oenology rituals.

I am ready to go back to this restaurant to try the actual menu! I told Kevin that we must MUST go on a fancy schmancy date here at The Harvest! We can stare into each other's food... err I mean eyes. EYES. We can experience exquisite dishes and enjoy the amazing scenery surrounding the restaurant. Afterwards, gaze at the stars with the rocking chairs conveniently located next to the restaurant. And just enjoy ourselves in the comfort of nature. 

You'll thank me later. The menu prices range from $10 - $20 which is quite decent for a fancy restaurant! And best of all, not only are there amazing views, but the food I sampled so far did taste good!

Stay Connected with The Ranch at Laguna Beach:

Address to Harvest at The Ranch:
S, 31106 Coast Hwy, Laguna Beach, CA 92651

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