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Green 2 Go in Brea Offers Organic, Healthy and Guilt-Free Delicious Meals!

Live Green 2 Go, and Your tummy and health will be happy!

The amazing spread of food from Green 2 Go in Brea!

 I love how the decor in here is super cozy and homey feeling! It's like your eating with family or something! That's actually...exactly what the owners intended ^___^ !

Green 2 Go prides itself in using local everything, including it's beer! They like serving one-of-kind hard to find alcohol that they partner up with! This is great because it supports the local communities by buying from local breweries!

This place is sort of like a really healthy subway.. .or chipotle? Well, it's assembly line!

One of the staff members is assembling our bison burger! Yumm! We went ot the assembly-line counter to choose what we wanted in our burger like the sauce and greens!

Features local artists too! These are from nearby schools! So cute!

Very spacious restaurant! There are plenty of seats!

Mac and Cheese! This is actually from the kids menu... and I can't say no to mac n cheese, ever! Well... unless Kevin is already being too cheesy and I can't handle it anymore...

This mac n cheese dish actually reminded me of string cheese. Those that you would get at school! This is like the mac n cheese version of it!

Wild Tuna Poke "Martini" ! This was super refreshing and so cute and fancy! I don't drink alcohol... so this is great because it looks like alcohol... well kinda. It's in a fancy cup. And it's edible! Yum!

The organic chicken taco! This was so good as well!

The Bison Burger. Lean and Mean with flavor! The meat was juicy! Ahh! I want more T__T ! 

Organic BBQ Tri-Tip Sandwich! Love the crunchy bread it's on!

Organic “Bob's Cobb” Salad! One of the most popular! And it has farm eggs!

So... I had to add my dear Gudetama in the photo too!

This salad has...House-Roasted Organic Chicken, Chopped Bacon, Farm Eggs. AND MORE! 

The side potato that came with the Bison Burger. THIS WAS AMAZING! Okay. I love fries. So I love potatos too... And these were like baby potatos! I also really like the sauce it comes with. I could dip in this all day...

Seasonal Cobbler! This was the peach cobbler! So yummy with vanilla bean ice cream and powdered sugar!

I looooove how absolutely fresh and moist this tasted! The vanilla bean ice cream with it was a perfect combination

I wish I ordered more of this... I wish I had more tummy space for this... IT'S SO GOOD! I'd go to Green 2 Go for this dessert alone. SO WORTH!

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