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Interview | Ryes and Shine With The Bakery Truck Your Morning Never Knew It Needed

Ryes and Shine with breakfast pastries and coffee in Old Towne Tustin!

This breakfast / bakery truck is such a delight! I love how kind owners are and the baked goods are absolutely delicious! Oh. And definitely Instagram-worthy as well!

I had the pleasure of interviewing the creator/baker behind the Ryes and Shine truck and would like to share the story with all of y'all!

So, let's get the inside scoop from Sara Titterud, the genius behind it all!

Q: What was the inspiration behind the name Rye?

As a baker I'm always looking for the best flour. What gives off the flavor, texture, and most importantly what's healthiest. I eventually created this blend of whole wheat Rye and barley, which we use throughout all of our baked goods. Rye flour being my favorite! It just stuck and became the name. 

Q: What is the story behind the business?

I have been a professional baker for over 10 years and always wanted to own my own bakery or coffee shop. (Specifically one that cares about being organic, low in sugar, and eco-friendly.)  One day my husband Kyle and I sat down and wrote a business plan and went to the bank. We started scouting locations for a brick and mortar. We quickly realized that we would be selling our souls to the bank for our dream. It made us almost want to abandon the idea altogether! Traveling is also very important to us, but we didn’t want to give up one passion for the other. So we went back to the drawing board and tried to figure out how we could get the best of both worlds. That's when we came upon the idea of starting a food truck. We get to serve really good baked goods every day and have the freedom of traveling whenever we want!

 Q: What are the most popular items?

The pop tarts are by far the most popular. We started out with just one, the mixed berry jam filled fruity pebbles pop tart. Everyone loves it! As I keep adding different flavors to the menu, people keep eating them!!

 Q: Are there any plans for expansion?

I don't ever want to say no, but for now we are loving our small business setup. Right now it doesn't get any better for us.

 Q: What is the most challenging part about running a breakfast food truck?

I think the early hours are most challenging. We bake everything super fresh every morning. When you get the truck at 8am, the items are still hot out of the oven. Making that happen requires very early mornings (3am)!! 

 Q: Do you have any advice to share for any food truckpreneurs?

I always tell other foodtruckpreneurs, after you’re done doing your extensive research, take a good look at what you’re serving the people that come up to the truck. If it isn't what you would feed your family ... Then you’re doing something wrong.

 Bacon Cheddar Scone

 Q: What is the most rewarding experience from running this truck?

The most rewarding thing to become of The Rye Truck is definitely the customers. It is an amazing feeling to create something and have people enjoy it. Getting to know the community and other small business owners is great. 

Q: What is your mission?

The Rye Truck is a mobile bakery and coffee shop offering a fresh and unique hand crafted experience. We have curated a beautiful bakery menu that is ever changing but always organic and GMO free. At Rye, we thoughtfully and skillfully bake our goods with an emphasis on serving our community high quality food. We believe in health, ethics, and environmental sustainability and refuse the mass production of our products. We're striving to make connections and keep the integrity between food, the people who make it, and the people who eat it.  Our hope is that you find yourself feeling not as a transaction in a line, but a unique experience worthy of attention.  

The Review:
Love the passion and all the effort that goes into this truck. It truly shows in the freshness and taste of all the products!

The fruity pebble pop tart is so good! I don't think it should be called a pop tart, but more like a flat flaky croissant pastry? Like a pate chaud but with jelly and pretty rainbows instead. 

Bacon Cheddar Scone was great. You could taste all the flavors and the cheese isn't too overpowering. There are bits of bacon in every bite.

Coffee is served with cereal milk. I chose to get the cinnamon milk with my iced stumptown coffee. I don't like coffee so even though the milk is flavored it was overall bitter (obvi cuz its coffee) and I didn't finish it. But I mean, I don't drink coffee in general. Maybe next time I'll ask to get the milk only... They have fruity pebble milk too! They literally put the cereal in it to flavor the milk and then strain the cereal!

Prices are reasonable and service is great! Free parking is available nearby in some lot. Or you can find street parking. It's located in Old Towne Tustin.

Official Website:

Follow Their Insta for Truck Updates and Schedule!

Address to where the Rye Truck usually is:
115 W Main St, Tustin, CA 92780

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