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The Habit Burger Grill Burgers Are So Juicy! | Giveaway

Make it a Habit. Eat at The Habit. 

Anyone know the Taiwanese brand called Stay Real? They did a collab with Sanrio's Gudetama and I just had to get a shirt for Kevin! 

Oh, and look at the convenient buzzer he is holding! This will light up when our order is ready to be picked up!

 No need to wait around by the pick-up area since there is this handy dandy buzzer that lights up and buzzes to notify me of when my order is ready!

Kevin knows me too well. Gotta DUMP THAT PEPPER into the ketchup!

Who else puts black pepper into their ketchup?!

I love how they have like a bar of pepperoncinis, chili peppers and jalepenos! Of course I gotta get some! It's so clean and organized too! Had to take a photo of my little cup! I ate all of this!

French Fries! Yum!

Damnnnnnnnnnnnn. That foodporn though. I could't help but admire the burger in my hand before even taking photos of it! I really like how the way they wrap it doesn't make the burger fall apart. And it's not messy either!

Whoaaaaa! Look at that DOUBLE CHARBURGER with two patties! I like how the patties at The Habit are much thicker!

Kevin decided to be innovative and add some french fries onto his burger! hah! He enjoyed it!

My Mushroom Swiss Charburger!!

For lunch today, Kevin and I decided to head on over to The Habit Burger Grill conveniently located across from the CSUF campus! Are there any CSUF Titans reading this!?

Anyway, we love the Habit! I remember back then, like a half decade or so ago, The Habit was finally expanding to other locations branching out from their original location in Santa Barbara! My friend Christina and I were super excited and just had to try it. Christina already knew how good it was, since she got to try it while attending school at UCSB. I just had to try all the hype since she always said good things about it! The first location I ever tried it at was at Main Place Mall in Santa Ana. It was... amazing. Bomb dot com choices with amazing service! Everyone was extremely smiley and just so nice! Wow!

Fast forward to now, The Habit has expanded greatly. There are more convenient locations like the one across CSUF. I really like all the options here and my favorite thing to get is the Mushroom Swiss Burger!

A lot of people ask me if this is better than In N Out. Actually, everyone seems to compare everything to In N Out. I personally love both places and would go to either for certain reasons.

The In N Out is obviously a California classic go-to spot for anyone. Especially tourists. I like how In N Out is very simple and straightforward and you can never go wrong. However, I do get tired of their... orange-y sauce so I would be satisfied with one burger and not eat In N Out for another month or 2. It's also inexpensive!

The Habit Burger is not as cheap as In N Out, but it's not that expensive either. for under $4 you can still get a great quality burger with a damn juicy patty with cheese! I love how the patties here are much thicker than In N Out, and of course I love how the menu just simply offers more!

Okay, enough about comparing the two. You just go to whatever you like. But if you haven't tried The Habit, I recommend you do!

What we ordered for lunch today:

  • Kevin: Double Charburger (2 meat patties, yes!)
  • Me: Mushroom Swiss Burger
  • Fries! 
    • I remember somehow the fries being a lot thicker a long time ago. Did it change?
Overall, everything was juicy and yummy. Fries could be better but that's alright. I do like the onion rings here though! Very crispy! Maybe I'll get that again next time!

Oh Oh! They are apparently having a new limited menu item which is a fried chicken burger. It resembles the one at Chick Fil A. We actually tried this a month ago and it was alright. Chicken was thin and there was a lot of empty space. If you love Chick Fil A, I don't recommend this because it's just okay. Stick with the classics. 

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I just wanna give a special thanks to all my taste buds out there. I meant to do a giveaway for the month of September but time passed by too quickly so I couldn't make it happen. This month, for October, I am delighted to be giving out some free burger vouchers from one of my all time favorite burger places, The Habit!

How to enter:
Just leave a blog post comment below telling me what you think about The Habit Burger Grill! 

Rules / Conditions:
Must be a U.S. Resident to enter. Must be able to provide a valid mailing address. Giveaway contest ends October 30.  Two (2) winners will be chosen and e-mailed on October 31.

One (1) The Habit Burger voucher to be able to redeem a free charburger with cheese. 
*If you want something else on the menu, no worries! The vouchers are good to redeem the value of a charburger with cheese which means you can get a Mushroom Swiss Charburger which is around $1 more and you'd just be paying the difference!

Help support the blog by liking on FB and following on the Insta! Oh, and tell all of your Taste Buds! The more support means more giveaway opportunities for y'all! Thank you<3
Good Luck! Can't wait to see all the comments below! 

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