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Nitrolado Halloween Flavor Reveal Part 1/3: Bloody Velvet Brownie is Too Spooky Good

This Halloween, add some blood to your diet. Blood Velvet Brownie that is.

Photo Credit: Nitrolado

I dressed up as a witch for this photo. Will I be able to cast a spell on you?

Tastes so good with the Oreo Churro Bowl!

Nitrolado has 3 new limited Halloween flavors for you this spooky season. Let's get a taste of the first one: Blood Velvet Brownie.

One of my new favorite flavors, Blood Velvet Brownie is a combination of red velvet and brownies mixed in. The brownies definitely add that oomph to the whole thing, which invites my inner vampire to come out into the darkness.

One bite and I am hooked. It's so eerie-sistably delicious!

Once you enter, no one leaves. 
That's according to one of their walls. A frightful warning to all who dare to enter. But you'll quickly find out you wouldn't want to leave in the first place anyway.

I love all the decor in the store! I really feel the Halloween spirit. Can't wait to dress up for the Halloween weekend because Nitrolado has a special deal!

Halloween BOGO DEAL:
From October 28 to 30, all menu items are buy 1 get 1 50% off for all guests dressed in a costume!

Get the Supernaturalado Cup:
Get in the spirit. Starting October 24 until Halloween from 7pm to closing, Nitrolado will start serving their desserts in a cauldron-like cup. You'll see lights. You'll see fog. It's all too perfect for the `gram. And definitely, will complement any Halloween you wear (especially if you dress up as a witch or wizard!).

It'll be so scary cool, you'll want to start believing in the supernaturalado.

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Check out the other 2 flavors available only this October:

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