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I'm Egg-Static About Our New Matching Gudetama Couple Shirts!

You'll most likely find us matching in some sort of Gudetama outfit!

Kevin told me to pose... and told me to flex. So I ended up looking like this...

Today we went to The Block uhh I mean the Outlets at Orange to pick up a package from Hot Topic! Kevin surprised me with a new Gudetama shirt! Apparently there was a sale and he took advantage of it. YES!

The shirts came out to be about $12-ish each which is such a steal!!

If you ever happen to see Kevin and I in person you'll most likely find us wearing something with Gudetama. Whether it be a shirt or backpack or whatever! Our Gudetama collection is growing!

I absolutely love my new shirt! So Kevin did a good job! Hehe. 

Of course right when we picked it up this had to be our matching outfit of the day. We rocked this while studying at Almond Haus which was a bust because internet wi-fi there was super slow today...

When we went to Crave to try to study (which also was sort of a bust because no outlets...), the cashier complimented on our shirts! Mission accomplished! She was like, "is that called...Gudetama or something?"

I am glad the Gudetama image is spreading. Let's all be lazy eggs, yea?

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