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2016 OC Japan Fair Event Recap | Photo Diary

So I went to the Orange County Japan Fair to meet Rilakkuma. 

But I missed the scheduled time... and Rilakkuma wasn't there.... T_______T

I extremely wanted to go to the OC Japan Fair because I heard Rilakkuma was doing a meet and greet.

But I totally went at the wrong times because Rilakkuma was no longer there to take photos with anyone *cries*

Well, at least I still got to take photos with the plushie animals!

The event I know is usually held in Costa Mesa at the OC Fairgrounds. This year though, it was held in Anaheim near the Honda Center. So... parking was expensive.

Usually if it's at the OC Fairgrounds I park at OCC (pay $1 for 4 hours) and walk over. Lowkey though.

Or parking at the fairgrounds itself is $7.

Or free if you park on the....swapmeet side.

Instead, parking here was $10. SO SAD. OMG WHY TEN?!

Admission was $5 (which is usual) a person. So overall if you were to go here make sure y'all carpool if you're broke to chip in for parking or...maybe uber... not sure which is cheaper.


It was super strange that when we paid for our admission ticket we weren't given anything nor a stamp. So lowkey we were thinking that we could have just went in and pretended we bought a ticket because nobody checked anything... !! I guess it's also because we came really late at night on like the last day of the event so maybe they no longer cared?

Another reason why I was syked for the event was BECAUSE CHE`NELLE WAS PERFORMING! Her concert was scheduled at like...8pm or so but it was actually at 9pm. One hour lag. The EMCEE stalled for an entire hour.... Why didn't they just switch performances? Idk but like we sat for an hour (we didn't think it'd be that long) and finally Che`nelle showed up. And although her songs are good, I was disappointed that she only sang her new songs which are all in English but to me, she's famous for her Japanese songs and the audience was probably there hoping she'd sing those Japanese songs. She ended up singing like... one Japanese song out of that entire hour. Okay....

One of the highlights of this event was that since it was the last few hours one booth was doing discounted food. We got a yakisoba dish with egg for only like... $5? Original price was $9 or so.

The event itself had the usual vendors you'd usually see at all the other night markets. I feel like most events like this are heading that direction, becoming more bland since the vendors are usually the same. I was hoping for more specialized Japanese food but the vibe was like a 626 night market (way less booths of course).

Not sure if the event was worth the $20 plus food price tag (2 people + parking), but overall I had fun killing time here.

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