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Dessert Week LA was the Sweetest Treat Ever!

Dessert Week LA was honestly such a blast! It was the sweetest treat ever and I can't wait for next year!

I was lucky enough to go as Media and took Kevin along on this sweet adventure!

It took place in Los Angeles at Pershing Square. It's right at the heart of downtown Los Angeles basically so that means horrible parking was to be expected. Fortunately, we found meter parking right across from the event and paid 5 bucks for 1.15 hours. It was a gamble putting less than 2 hours in since we didn't know how long we would take. So we decided to just rush everything since there are 25 vendors showcasing their treats!

We arrived at around 5:30pm (event started at 1pm) and found out that already 10 vendors had ran out of food. Oh well, not a problem. There's still 15 left and that was honestly plenty!

We got to try a bunch of stuff. Here are some notable mentions:
Pie Hole: won best dessert at the event!
Frostalicious: self serve shaved snow in Westwood! Cool spot!
Breadologie: Lots of pastries and even a pumpkin flavored one!
Lady M: new location opening in Irvine soon!
Wanderlust: Ube Crunch ice cream flavor was unique!
Saffron and Rose: Such unique Persian flavors! We tried Saffron and Cucumber!
Ridges Churro: Didn't try this but they served cute mini churro ice cream sundaes!

Honestly, a lot of the place were pretty regular with cake samples and such. But the ones that stood out the most were the ones that are mentioned above. 

The most worth it place to go to was Pie Hole, which by the way won Best Dessert in LA for the event! Woo! What an honor that I got to try them! I've always wanted to try this place too and was so lucky they were at Dessert Week!

Pie Hole LA was immensely prepared for this event. Apparently, they started out giving small slices of their sample sized pies as samples for everyone to enjoy. But they had just way too many pies! So eventually, like when I came at 5:30pm, they just started giving out the pies! They were literally non-stop bringing pies every few minutes. One of the workers dropped an entire tray of pies but no worries. They have more and more and more and more

Take as many as you can carry! 
 - said the workers at Pie Hole. 

Umm.. don't mind if we do! We had no box but we did have a paper bag. We took 12 pies and were like efff it, who cares about the cream messing up let's just stack it. We then went to Cafe Dulce booth and they had some bakers boxes. We asked for one and transferred all 12 pies and other pastries into that box. YESS!! Pies galore!

My fave was the GREEN TEA! So legit! Cereal Killer was great too! 

We didn't keep all 12 pies of course. We gave some to our friends back in OC so they could enjoy it! Cuz... no way we can finish 12 pies...

OKAY. Enough talking about Pie Hole! Let's talk about how the event worked. You get a tasting card. Depending on which type (general or VIP) there are a certain number of boxes on each card. You go to a vendor and they mark off a box for each sample you get. Since when I got there 10 vendors already closed shop, I had a lotta boxes left over and used the rest on Pie Hole!!
The event seemed well organized and successful from a consumer's point of view. I wouldn't even have guessed that it was it's first ever event! I would totally go here again next year! 

Hope you enjoy browsing through my photo diary!

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