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Feasting at Chronic Tacos Mexican Grill!

Feastin` Chronic Tacos!

Assembly line style ordering!

I like how they have two TOPPINGS compartments so if there is a rush they can take care of that easily.

Loving the Dia de los Muertos themed wall art inside the Tustin location of Chronic Tacos!

Their torta packed with lots of carne asada meat!

Churros! We love churros. Well, especially Kevin. He is a churro fanatic and loves cinnamon! We didn't get that much cinnamon on ours so we asked to get a bit more. The staff were so friendly and accommodated us with more!

Our second batch of churros had much more cinnamon and it was perfect! Crunch and airy at the same time!

I see Kevin's hand peeking! The plate he's eating is the BOWL-RITO. We chose to get chicken!

Here is a close-up of the BOWL-RITO! It's basically a deconstructed burrito in a bowl, without the tortilla. I chose to get the Mexican rice, lots of guac of course and pollo (chicken) as the protein! Don't forget the cheese and lettuce! 


The Torta here was my favorite thing! We got carne asada meat! We actually ate this as leftovers too and it was still good. I wish I ate it fresh since it was my favorite thing out of all the food we ordered (aside from the churros which was fantastic!).

Kevin is actually sharing his churros with me... whaaaaaaat ?! How kind of him!

I couldn't stop eating the chips and dipping them in the sauces!

When taking the photo I realized it was impossible to take one churro out without the tower falling since they were only stacks of two... xD

Look how happy Kevin is! Love his smile here!

Kevin and I love Mexican food and got to check out the new Chronic Tacos location in Tustin!

Back in the days like half a decade or so before, I used to go to Chronic Tacos quite often! For some reason also, I thought they had really spicy tacos or something because of their name "Chronic". This wasn't the case, and when I first went to Chronic Tacos with this mistaken thought, I discovered a new spot that was pretty good! Oh, and I love how they have Gold Peak green tea!

Nowadays I don't frequent Chronic Tacos much since it's not located anywhere near my commutes (I used to go to the Bella Terra location). But I was happy to find out that they are expanding and recently opened a new location in Tustin!

Kevin and I visited at lunch time and it was packed! We were lucky enough to find a seat! But there's good reason for it being so packed: fast service and yummy since it's assembly-line style!

Our ordering was fast since we just went down the assembly line. We chose our style, then protein and then toppings! We also ordered churros too!

After ordering, we had to find a table with bomb natural lighting from the window of course. I was so in love with the light that I couldn't stop taking photos!

What we ordered:

  • Bowl-rito with Pollo (Chicken) as the protein and Mexican style rice
    • also added a lot of toppings such as guac and cheese and lettuce!
    • Review: flavorful but I think the meat they prepared was too salty. Would have enjoyed it more if it was less salty!
  • Chronic Fries with Al Pastor (Spicy Pork)
    • Review: These were okay. Wish they had sour cream or something for it! I think the portion is a bit small when compared to the Super Fries (for the same price) from places such as Sabrosada, Albertos, etc. I should have also requested more cheese! Al Pastor was also very salty.
  • Torta with Carne Asada (Beef) and chips on the side
    • Review: The best thing out of all we orderd. Why? Because the meat we got for this (Carne Asada) was actually not too salty. It was fine and the portion was good at a reasonable price.
  • Churros for dessert! 
    • Review: Perfect! These had a lot of cinnamon on it and were crunchy and airy! Totally recommend these little bites! Only $1.69 for 8 pieces!
  • Everything you order no matter what style is probably gonna be the same-ish. The difference is in the style whether you want it in the bowl, with fries, torta, taco form or as a burrito! And it will also depend on what meat you get. 
  • I think this place does lack a bit on toppings since they are sticking with the classics: cheese, guac, lettuce, etc.
  • Al Pastor and Pollo were both very salty. I had to really mix it with everything else to dilute the salty taste but didn't help much unfortunately.
  • The Carne Asada was great! Not too salty at all and was great in the Torta (sandwich)!
  • This place has the friendliest staff! Love how everyone works with a smile!
  • Prices are around $7

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Address to Tustin Location:
14075 Newport Ave, Tustin, CA 92780

*Next to Leaf and Cream!
*For more locations visit their website.

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