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Venture Into a World of Candy at Lolli and Pops!

Venture into a world of candy at Lolli and Pops!

While window shopping at Mission Viejo mall last week, Kevin and I saw this really cool candy shop. We love snacks and candy so we had to check it out! The decor and everything is so CHIC! A lot of the candy bars are well-packaged as well to look chic / classy. So cool!

This place has candy all over the world which is awesome! It just recently opened 2 weeks ago actually and we got to try samples! Yay!

It was so fun to look at all the different candy bars and chocolate and snacks. They also sell truffles and macarons!

What stood out to me is that they have an entire section on their wall of assorted rice krispy treats! They had rice krispy treats covered in anything imaginable such as popcorn, pretzels, chocolate, etc.! They also had another section dedicated to spicy snacks such as the Sriracha popcorn and chips! I recommend Sriracha popcorn. It's yummy! Although it's much cheaper at an asian supermarket .... (Lolli and Pops was around $8 while supermarket is only $4 as an example)

They have all sorts of stuff that I could stay there for a long time just enjoying and looking at everything! So go check it out if you happen to be in the area!

The negative side of this place is that while they offer many choices, the prices are very expensive. Like... a lot of the stuff I saw that I could get at the supermarket or elsewhere are marked up almost double the price or more! Crazy!

Kevin and I did want to try a few of the self-serve candies (the chocolates in the containers that you pick up) and since it was like $12  / lb (or was it $13/lb...?!)  we carefully strategically grabbed very little and would weigh it each time to see how much it would cost. Our goal was $3 max and we actually did it! Our bag weighed a total of only $2.50 ishhh. Which was like... 15 chocolate balls or so ....LOL

Anyway, expensive place but cool to window shop at! Also great for unique gifts!

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They have many stores but the one I went to was in Mission Viejo! Here's the address to that one:

362 Shops at Mission Viejo
Mission Viejo, CA 92691

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