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Matcha Lover? This Hidden Bakery in Garden Grove Serves Matcha Cheesecake @ Uncle Chuang's Bakery

Are you a matcha lover like me? I'm so glad I discovered this hidden bakery in Garden Grove that sells Matcha Cheesecake!

They also serve Matcha Creme Brulee if you special order it in advance!

Mint Leaf is not included. I actually found some in my fridge and plopped it on the slice of cheesecake so that the photo would....look more appealing LOL!

YUMMMMMMMMMM! Are you craving this yet? 

I am a huuuuuuuuge matcha fan if y'all haven't figured that out already. I am basically on a quest to find all things matcha around me, here in Orange County!

I was following Uncle Chuang's bakery on Instagram. I don't know why.... because they are located in Riverside... I guess I like to be updated on places everywhere. But anyway, somehow one day I found out they have a GARDEN GROVE location.

And guess what! Their Garden Grove location is walkable from where I live. Omg! How convenient!!

The one thing that drew me to this place and motivated me to get off my butt (I'm lazy like Gudetama) and exercise is the matcha cheesecake. What? They have this? I've never had matcha + cheese before! So I had no idea what to expect!

So I get there and meet up with Kevin. We went inside the store. Super lowkey location. How does anyone even know about this bakery?

Surprisingly, for such a lowkey place, they have a fully stocked bakery. Do people even go here to buy stuff? I felt like it's so hidden that nobody even goes.


We get the matcha cheesecake and enjoy it in the car.  It honestly was whatevs. I didn't know what it would taste like. But if this is what Matcha + Cheese tastes like, I wasn't a fan. The cake itself was very soft. But it also a super sunny day.

Fast forward to a random sushi place in Lake Forest. They happened to serve matcha cheesecake! So I had to buy some. And... their version tasted basically the same as the one from Chuang's bakery. So, it was supposed to taste like that.


Fast forward to last week when I had a wonderful weekend at Great Wolf Lodge (it's next door), on my walk back home from the hotel I decided to stop by Uncle Chuang's Bakery again to order a Matcha Cheesecake.

Left it in the fridge for a bit. This time, the matcha cheesecake was amazing! Wow! It had more of a cheesecake texture, soft and smooth. And it tasted more like green tea. So yay! I'll be exercising a lot more these days ^___^ !

So YES! I recommend you get it! It's only $2.50 per slice!

Stay Connected with Uncle Chuang's Bakery:
Website | Instagram | Yelp

Address to Uncle Chuang's Bakery:
12531 Harbor Blvd e, Garden Grove, CA 92840

University of California, Riverside Location:
3740 Iowa Ave Ste 109 Riverside, CA 92507

*In the same plaza as Almond Haus. This plaza is in between Great Wolf Lodge and Albertos Mexican Food. Across from Mcdonalds!

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