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Delicious Drinks with My Favorite Mascot @ Pengo Drink Station - Laguna Hills

Pengo Drink in Laguna Hills is legit. 

Legit decor.

Legit mascot. (Who doesn't love penguins?)

Legit drinks. No lie.

Omg I seriously thought this was a burger! Okay not really, but I really wanted these in my mouth. So so cute!!

So if you bring your bottle back or just leave it in the crates rather than throwing it away, you get a discount! Help eliminate plastic waste!

These penguins are ready to deliver your drink!

Mango and Strawberry Italian Sodas!

Which one is the painting? And which one is real?

Boba dates are the best!

So uh... family photo? Kevin and his penguin friends haha!

Hello my penguin friends. Would you like a drink on me?

Kevin and I were shopping away at the Shoppes at Mission Viejo and got thirsty. We were in some kawaii goods store and happened to see the workers with an empty glass bottle from Pengo Drink.

Oh yea. Pengo drink is nearby!

So after much window shopping, Kevin and I visited Pengo Drink in Laguna Hills which was only about a 10 min drive away! rMy first impression was that... well the plaza it was in was quite deserted. Like... who would go here kind of thing? But also it was late on a weekday so ...figures it'd be empty.

Upon entrance, we noticed a sign by the front door offering BUY 1 GET 1 FREE DRINKS! Woo! It was our lucky day!

The store itself is very spacious and the decor is so cute. Pengo Drink's mascot is a penguin which is actually my favorite animal. So let's say it's also my mascot too! There are cute paintings on the wall and instax photos of the workers. There is also a giant teddy bear you can sit with while you wait in line for the bathroom. We decided to move the bear to sit with us though!

Kevin got the Mango Italian Soda and I got the Strawberry Italian Soda because we were feelin` fizzy that day. No boba for us though but I love how our drinks already had toppings in it such as mango pieces for Kevin and mine had Strawberry bits. We both had chia seeds too already included! So I think, the drinks although cost $5.50 each, since it already included many toppings, the drink was already good on its own.

We also got another drink: the cookie frapp! We decided to use this drink to take feed our new friends, the giant teddy bear and all the penguins! Of course, a photo shoot with them had to happen!

Kevin noted that the Cookie Frapp was super smooth and creamy. Yumm! I agreed and couldn't stop sipping from it! Kevin also thought it was way better than the Guilty Pleasure drink from Roasting Water which is a similar blended drink.

The service was great and they checked up and asked about our opinions a lot for feedback since it is a new store and all.

I found out from the owner that all the fruit flavors are made from mashing the actual fruit. Score! They use actual fruit here. That is such a great change from all the other boba shops using artificial fruit syrups with all that nasty sugar. From their stories, the owner spent six months perfecting the recipe! Wow! It tasted pretty perf to me too!

I recommend this place for all y'all if you are into fruity tea drinks since that's what their menu is mostly made of. Fruit! Of course, they have the typical drinks most boba shops have like Thai Tea and Jasmine Milk Tea.

So next time I'm in the area, it's gonna be such a hard decision! There are two boba shops that are pretty solid in my book: Milk Box in Mission Viejo and Pengo Drink Station in Laguna Hills! If I'm craving milk teas then I'd probably choose Milk Box (hence the name). If I'm in a fruity mood, Pengo Drink is the spot to go!

Stay Connected with Pengo:
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Pengo Drink Address:
25292 McIntyre St -Suite R, Laguna Hills, Ca 92653

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