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Have You Tried Royal Milk Tea Choco Pie Yet?

Did you know that Choco Pie has different flavors such as Milk Tea?

Kevin and I were shopping around Mitsuwa Japanese Supermarket and stumbled upon this flavor in the snack section! Of course we had to get it! It was sorta expensive though at around $5... T__T

This Choco Pie is Alice in Wonderland themed! I love how the outside and inside has drawings of the bunny and different cards and stuff!

The Choco Pie melted a bit... but still good!

First bite I knew I was in love.

Have you ever had Royal Milk Tea before? I like mine hot. It has a different taste compared to just regular milk tea. I'm not sure how to explain it... but I'd say it is much sweeter. You can try Royal Milk Tea yourself by buying the drink at Japanese Supermarkets (maybe other Asian Supermarkets too like HMart ?).

I once had Royal Milk Tea as part of my breakfast set at the Changi Airport in Singapore and it was such a memorable experience! I usually don't have the milk tea hot and at that time, the hot royal milk tea really made me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. Like, I'm in Singapore!!

Anyway, I've had it plenty of times in those skinny cylinder powder packets (?) in Japan because my Japanese friends drink Royal Milk Tea often too! Aside from Matcha! It's not bad, but my favorite is probably getting the Royal Milk Tea bottles at the convenience stores (fave brand is GOGOCHA!)

The Choco Pie Royal Milk Tea version totally nails the flavor. Every bite was like a burst of Milk Tea! Definitely, I have no regrets buying this from Mitsuwa!

I recommend y'all to try it if you ever see it! It's a unique milk tea marshmallow-y pie!

Here's the address to Mitsuwa in Costa Mesa (where I got it!)
Mitsuwa: 665 Paularino Ave, Costa Mesa, CA 92626

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