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Feast on Fresh Seafood at the World Famous San Pedro Fish Market!


And go ahead and try it yourself. You'll see what I mean by world famous.

There's a variety of seafood in thsi tray including lobster, shrimp, halibut, mussels and even shark! All freshly prepared!

Omg yes! Freshly shucked oysters too!

I was lucky enough to be invited by Tanaya of @Tanayas.Table to attend this special media event! I got to meet so many awesome famous foodies and also taste the variety of food and drinks here at the San Pedro Fish Market! Did you know this place can seat up to 3,000 people? Insane!

This family owned restaurant seafood theme park also makes their own sauces and seasonings. I was able to take some home and try them myself! Can't wait to tell ya how they are!

Look at the crowd here! There's a karaoke bar in the middle so you can hear and watch all the performances. There is also a variety of drinks such as shrimp cocktails, micheladas and mangonadas! 

Closeup of the platter!

It's quite hard to tell, but somewhere in this yummy tray is shark! I can't believe I actually got to try shark!

This place is busy! There are crowds of people everywhere and seats get filled up quickly too! There is also a 2nd level to this and at the time a wedding party was happening! Such a lively place!

Also, the center of this area has a karaoke stage where you can listen to William Hung type performances or perhaps watch the next American Idol. 

Super crowded! If you need a seat, get it fast!

So at first, I wasn't sure what the name of the place meant by "San Pedro Fish Market". Like... is this a restaurant or a market?

Turns out that both!

You can order your seafood as if you're at a market! You'll be able to see all the seafood in front of your eyes and you can handpick whichever one you want!

When I was walking around, I really felt like I was at a seafood...theme park? It was like going from station to station. 

Pick your seafood - pay - go to the next room - admire all the fishies and pick the next victim - watch it all be cooked.

See it all being cooked right in front of your eyes! It's like a show here! I think this place would be awesome if I was a kid!

San Pedro Fish Market holds 4 Guinness World Records and has served over 1 million guests every year!. It is California's largest seafood restaurant!

I had the pleasure of getting to try a bunch of food at the San Pedro Fish Market courtesy of Tanaya's Table! Everybody, go check her out! She's an awesome foodie with a killer food-insta that'll have you drooling all the time! → @Tanayas.Table on Insta

Anyway, when I first came here, I was shocked to see how big the place was. It's basically located at the end of the 101 Freeway by the port. I noticed there were like 1 or 2 other restaurants, but the one that took up most of the space was San Pedro Fish Market. This place is huuuuge I thought. No wonder the parking lot is also huge! So many people were there at once! I actually had so much trouble finding parking ... 

I didn't even know where the entrance was. I was alone and lost trying to find the words, "Restaurant" somewhere.  I eventually just went into one of the pathways and found myself inside a huge theme park like place. At least for me, it felt like one! There were sooooooo many people and so many different rooms and pathways that I was super confused. Like... is this a restaurant? Where are the waiters and tables and chairs? 

Then I realized that the restaurant itself is the market. Oh. Duh. 

There are different rooms. One where you see all the seafood like you would at a market with all the fresh seafood laid out with prices and where they cook it for you! After you order (which may take awhile as it gets crowded!), you then get your food and find a seat. But good luck on that amidst the crowds and crowds of people!

Halibut? Crawfish? Clams? Lobster? What would you like to order? I got a bit of everything at my table with the foodie crew! Including shark too! I would say that the seafood trays we got reminded me of Louisiana style seafood like Boiling Crab. But served in trays.

The fresh oysters were amaaaaazing too. I really liked the spicey red sauce they give you. It was spicier than usual (much spicier than the one given with oysters at Boiling Crab) and I loved it! It was very thick though. A very thick spicy red sauce. It added the perfect cajun flavor to the oysters! I totally wish I had more not gonna lie... 

All the seating is gonna be outdoors which is great because you can see the sea! The bad thing about is that since it's by the sea, the nature is probably gonna be beyond your control. There are many pigeons...and there is food everywhere! I had a hard time keeping those birds away from my food. Also, there are seagulls you'd have to be aware of and shoo too. Not the best experience because of the birds!

But it's nice to be able to enjoy the outdoors and enjoy fresh seafood by the sea!

Prices are a bit steep here. I would say that this place does charge a bit higher than other restaurants because of the novelty, freshness and experience. You are basically paying for this .... Guinness world record experience. You know what I mean? I think that's why I saw mostly families here with many children because it's just a fun experience for the entire family. 

Expect to pay more than $50 for your group for a big tray of seafood. Depending on what you get of course.

Overall, I think this place is pretty cool for a first-timer! I had no idea such a place existed! Did you know San Pedro Fish Market is able to seat more than 3,000 customers? Dang!

Official Website:

Want to Dine-In? Here's their dine-in menu

Address to the Historic San Pedro Fish Market:
1190 Nagoya Way, San Pedro, CA 90731, USA

*Open 8 AM - 8 PM 365 days a year (yes, everyday!)

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