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Every Memorial Weekend I look forward to this event called the Strawberry Festival!

It's an event held annually in Garden Grove and the reason why I look forward to it so much is because I've been going to this event almost every year since I was little! 

I also once walked in the parade so ... okay.. I felt kinda cool... ^__^

Every Saturday morning during the event there is a parade! After the parade there is also a Celebrity Autograph signing!

I got to get some cool autographs over the past years. It's always very exciting for me! This year THE KID FROM FRESH OFF THE BOAT IS GONNA BE THERE! That's who I am excited for!!

Here is the map of the event! It's located basically across from Garden Grove High School (anyone an Argonaut because I am!) and is an easy walk from the library if you decide to park there.

Parking can get crowded though! I sometimes just park far and walk. Exercise is always good! A lot of times I just walk from home though!

(all above photos are from the Strawberry Festival official Website 
One of the most important events held here is the WELCOME AND CAKE CUTTING CEREMONY! FREE CAKE served to everyone that attends. You bet I'll be there... ^__^

Of course I am going again this year!
This event helps local charities and supports local organizations such as school clubs and non-profits! One of my fave things to do here... is to get the strawberry shortcake supreme! It's a bunch of fresh strawberries all placed on top of a moist strawberry shortcake and with whipped cream and ice cream added! SO GOOOOD! 

I noticed the unlimited rides wristband is now $30 on Friday and $35 on Saturday - Monday. I remember back in the day when it was only $15... But that was a super long time ago! I did used to get the wristband when I was younger though but now all I really ride is the ferris wheel which is probably around $5 a ride ... ?! Maybe.

Forrest Wheeler who plays Emery Huang will also be there as a celebrity guest! Saturday morning, there will be celeb guests ready to sign autographs! 

I just absolutely love festivals. Oh. Another reason why I love this event is because it always falls on my birthday weekend! ^__^ 

Strawberry Festival Official Website

Directions and Map:

The Strawberry Festival is happening this weekend, May 27 - 30, 2016!

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