So these is this epic free event goin` down in Downtown Santa Ana in a couple of weeks on June 11! From 12pm to 10pm, there will be a variety of music performances, live art shows and vendors!

I actually wanted to go to this event last year and to even cover it as well but for some reason I can't remember I wasn't able to go. But I am so excited and hoping I can go this year!

I went to a similar event in DTSA by the FeelGoodCollective a few years back which also included a fashion show, music performances, art galleries and unique vendors! So cool! And there was free food (the real reason why I came...)!

I think this is a great event to take your date or friends or both! For me, it would be a nice break from all the food events I usually go to. I actually love going to music festivals, art walks, etc.! I haven't been  to any in forever, but I hope to go more often! Especially since there are many free events like this throughout Orange County! Also, it's always so interesting to discover local talent and this is the perfect event for that! There are so many talented people nearby!

There will be a bboy battle too. OOooOOH! Okay, I used to go to bboy jams all the time back in high school! I admit I was kind of obsessed too. But shh... ^__^

There will be unique vendors selling vinyls!

I'm sure there will be so many unique things here!

Get all the events here:

Date: June 11 from 12pm - 10pm

Price: FREE!

East End Santa Ana
4th & Spurgeon, Santa Ana, CA 92701 United States

Parking: I hate parking in DTSA... why is it not free?! The parking here is done by meter and it's $1.50 / hour. I know there is some neighborhood parking but you'll have to walk maybe 5 - 10 minutes.