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I would like to introduce a new series called Meet My Taste Buds where I introduce to y'all all of the awesome friends that deal with my random late night cravings, spontaneous foodventures, food rants that they probably could care less about but still listen to and just so much more. These are my Taste Buds, buddies who are willing to go out of their way or to make time to feast with me and try new things with me. Y'all the real MVPs! 

And I'd love to start out the first of my series by introducing none other than Kevin! He's an especially special Taste Bud and I can't wait to tell you why.

Let's start with how we even became each other's Taste Buds! 
We met in a Japanese language class although he always overlooks that part for some reason... I needed a job to pay for my expensive daily food outings and the place he was working at happened to be hiring!

We ended up working at the same place and ended up hanging out more. He turned out to be a quite interesting person to talk to and I found our friendship to grow closer through our random chats. 

Of course, I mostly talked about food. Because that's what I was always excited about. And so I bombarded him with so many foodporn pics, enough to convince him to try new places with me. 

One of the best ways to get to know someone, I think, is by bonding over food. And Kevin and I did a lot of that.

I was going through a devastating time once but Kevin helped me sort that out by surprising me with my favorite cake to cry over. How did he know my favorite cake would be a mint chip ice cream cake from Baskin Robbins? I guess he listens and remembers me well!

Anyway, eventually he became basically my best friend and I can confidently say that I'm glad for it.

Also, somehow he became an Insta-famous "Instagram Husband" that isn't afraid to get low on the floor to take that perfect photo of me for Instagram. I'd say, this alone makes him quite a keeper! Hah!

It was also his idea to make an Instagram page based on the behind the scenes of when I take my own photos. Well, he actually found a way to kill time while I was doing my blogging thing. But I just think that it became such a cute thing!

And really guys, this is Kevin's account. Not mine! I got so many people asking if I made this but how would I be able to take photos of myself taking photos... by myself?! 

His Instagram account is @eating_with_hop if you wanna check it out! ^__^

We have traveled together near and far. Yes. We have an international palette now. 

We have laughed and cried together. 

We have so many memories now and I can't wait to make more. Especially, more delicious memories! 
Thanks for being my best Taste Bud! 

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