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I am so addicted to like... Asian version of American brand snacks! Such as the Nabisco Oreos. Why don't we have cool flavors? The Japanese version has Matcha and Raspberry and tons of other variations of Oreos like Oreo bars and such. Well... I guess we have some cool stuff too like cotton candy and birthday cake flavored Oreos. But I am a huge matcha fan and that's only available in .... Japan!

Luckily, there are Japanese supermarkets and Asian supermarkets that carry these cool snacks so that we don't need to fly all over the world to try!

Recently, a new Japanese supermarket opened up in Costa Mesa called Seiwa! It's marketing itself as... a "Costco" type of wholesale Japanese supermarket which is cool! They've got unique deals every week too!

Kevin and I went to check it out and of course... WE HAD TO BUY SNACKS!

I think we spent about $30 on snacks... but it's no biggie!

Dark Chocolate with Matcha? In a mini Oreo crunch bar form? Omg this is so delicious I ate most of it in one sitting!

I hate how most packages come with very little inside though. This only had 7 pieces! 7! That's why we finished it so fast! 

BAMBOO SHAPED BISCUITS! Kevin decided to position them like little trees on the box before eating them. He is always playing with food...

Anyway, these are the matcha milk version of the normally chocolate bamboo shaped biscuits called Takenoko no Sato! I think they are fun to eat!

I feel like this milky malt chocolate one is very fancy. It's like...something I imagine to be on those fancy romantic chocolate cmmercials where the girl seductively places it on her tongue and eats it slowly... LOL

Okay anyways. This is very good and rich at the same time! I love it!
Matcha Oreos! Oh my goodness I love Oreos already and Matcha Oreos are pretty good. At first, I thought the Matcha tastes a bit weird but it grew on me. 

It goes well with milk too!

Unfortunately, this package only gives you 18 total... ugh.. 

The other snacks are still enjoying their time before becoming victim to being eaten. But I've had them before while studying in Japan and I especially love the mini croissants with matcha filling! 

The Tohato caramel corn reminds me of ... cheetos or like cereal. It tastes very... airy and light and crumbles quickly inside your mouth!

If you want Japanese snacks I suggest going to the Japanese Supermarkets in Costa Mesa!

There's Mitsuwa, Tokyo Central and Seiwa all in the same area!

Here is the Seiwa address:
3151 harbor blvd

Costa Mesa, CA

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