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Okay, maybe not entirely literally. But choosing Stonefire Grill is a decision you won't regret! What's better than actually being able to see your food made when you order it? That's what you get here, at Stonefire Grill for a fair and affordable price. 

I got the chance to visit the Irvine location and it was packed! Oh man oh man this place is popular! I got to enjoy this delicious petite pesto pasta and yummy garlic bread stick! Added a drink for just $1.49 for my lunch special, what a deal. Because it's also refillable! YESSSS! 

Stonefire Grill has got plenty of seating for ya. It's such a nice and spacious place! Feels like home kind of too because of the decor!

Remember I mentioned refillable drinks? REFILLABLE! I love how they leave there fountain soda machine outside so we can mix and match and refill our drinks!

You know how sometimes you're totally done eating and too full to even move when eating at a restaurant? And you're constantly trying to stare down the server so that they'd finally notice you to come help your table? And all you wanted was a to-go box...

Well guess what! AT STONEFIRE GRILL THEY LEAVE ALL THAT UP TO YOU! Well hidden inside / next to the drawers are to-go boxes. 

Also, all the plates are self-serve. JUST BEAUTIFUL. Don't need to wait on others! 

FIYAHHHHHHH! Okay. So this is why I am already in love with Stonefire Grill. You can see them cook it!

Honestly one of my fave things in life are garlic bread sticks. I love love garlic bread.

My assistant Kevin ordered the petite salad with salmon and bread stick!

We both felt like beasts so we also feasted on the bbq chicken wrap. We got mashed potatoes on the side!

I love how there are pieces of chicken everywhere in the wrap. Since it's evenly distributed, you'll get chicken in every bite at every angle!

These are garlic mashed potatoes. So yum!

Just Kevin and I being silly on our lunch date! 

He totally loves garlic bread as much as I do...heh heh...

When I used to wait in long hours at Creamistry during it's debut a few years ago, I'd always be curious about Stonefire Grill. It's in the same plaza (Crossroads Plaza) and since the name was interesting I decided to put it on my list of places to go to!

Finally, I found the time and took Kevin with me for a lunch date! It was just in time for their launch of the new $7 lunch special deals too! Perfect

My first impression of this place was reminded me of like a corner bakery x buffet x bjs / cheesecake factory. What I mean is, it's pretty darn American and looks like a chain. But, why didn't I get my butt here earlier? Because it's actually much better than what I compared it to! 

You wait in line to order. Then you get your food and enjoy it at wherever you decide to sit! The place is spacious and so big! The menu also has a large variety of foods from pizza to sandwiches to pastas and steak. So yes, The menu is quite American. But omg unlike those other chain restaurants I mentioned (Bj's or Cheesecake Factory) this place shows you that they grill / cook it when ordered. They not just all talk about being fresh. They deliver it and show it. I loved seeing the huge flames that arose while everyone was cooking the dishes!

Now onto the food! Here's what Kevin and I ordered:
  1. Petite Salad with Salmon + Garlic Breadstick ($7)
    • Kevin really liked this one. For just $7 it's a satisfactory meal that will fill you up! And it's healthy! I liked how the Salmon was soft!
    • The Salmon itself also had a spicy kick to it which made the dish stand out. It had... sort of a garlic spice to it? And I guess our taste buds were confirmed when we asked the manager! There is a spice to it! 
  2. Bbq Chicken Wrap Sandwich and Garlic Mashed Potatoes as a side ($7)
    • mMMmm the Garlic Mashed Potatoes was so good! I love garlic anything and this was a good choice of a side!
    • The Chicken Wrap itself is a sensible portion. Loved the bbq sauce and the refreshing taste from the salad.
  3. Petite Pesto and Garlic Breadstick ($7)
    • This was my faaaaaaaaave. I'd get this again! Definitely! I love pesto and I loved dipping the garlic bread with the pesto salad or eating it together with the penne pasta!
  4. Fountain Drink for $1.49
    • free refills y'all. 

I totally recommend this place if you're in the area! It's great for lunch, especially with the $7 deal! Friendly customer service too! And even though I have a big stomach, the food filled me up! I guess I overestimated myself...

Stay Connected with Stonefire Grill!

**I love that their website menu includes prices! Makes budgeting and planning so much easier!

View their $7 Lunch Menu deal here:

They also got a great deal for two people. Take your date or friend! Tri-tip for $19.99!!

They've got multiple locations so check their website for the listings! 
Here are the Orange County locations:
  • Fountain Valley: 18727 Brookhurst St, Huntington Beach, CA 92646
  • Irvine: 3966 Barranca Pkwy, Irvine, CA 92606

First of all, thanks for reading and visiting my `lil ole blog! To say thanks, I'm teaming up with Stonefire Grill to give y'all a chance to try it yourself! Enter my Rafflecopter Giveaway below for your chance to win a $30 Gift Card!
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