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So this thing called the COCO JACK is basically a lifesaver and miracle maker. 

The kit that I bought included the brown bag, 1 "coco jack" (the stainless steal thing) and 1 mallet.

Put that coco jack right at the center of your young fresh coconut! The bottom of the coco jack is sharp so it'll pierce through the skin a bit for a good grip!

Keep hammering that thing down with the mallet! I'm quite weak so when I was hitting it with the mallet I didn't see much progress..

Slow but surely though...a few minutes later of not so intense hammering, the coco jack got through enough! The coco jack itself should be maybe... half way through (when you only see half of the stainless steal thing) and then it should be ready to be opened! 

Kevin made the mistake of hitting it almost all the way and the coconut actually CRACKED and the juice spilled out a bit. 

I found it easier to use the coco jack on the ground as I got better grip and the coconut wouldn't move around as much as I hammered it. 

Maybe a non-slip mat from a bargain store would help though!


This Coco Jack can turn even a noobie like me into a professional coconut opener! 

The juice is just too perfect. I got to enjoy fresh coconut juice in the comfort of my own home and beautiful backyard. No need to go to a restaurant for this any longer!

I am now a firm believer in the COCO JACK!
I love eating fresh coconuts. I actually hate coconut flavored anything because only fresh ones can satisfy me. Whenever I go to Vietnamese restaurants with my family I usually order the fresh coconut with pulp! It's always such a great treat! Also, my family would often buy coconuts from the supermarket and my mom would fearlessly crack it open diagonally with a knife. A KNIFE! 

Every time I try to attempt to crack open a coconut myself, the paranoia of accidentally chopping my own arm off eats me up too much that I'm just paralyzed in the kitchen. I end up asking me mom for help and somehow she does it so quick and fearlessly. However, my mom is growing old and I always fear that she might slip and injure herself instead. 

That's why, I got the Coco Jack. 

My family knows I love coconuts but I feel so spoiled that they are always buying it and opening it for me. Once the Coco Jack went on sale, Kevin and I got it!

It's one of the best decisions ever too!

When I brought it home and opened a coconut with my family for the first time, they were so impressed! Apparently, they already saw this product advertised on the Vietnamese Channel! 

Opening up coconuts are gonna become such an easy thing now that I am going to enjoy fresh juice more frequently now! Yay for that!

Where to buy coconuts though?
So I bought some coconuts for $1.99 each from the nearby Vietnamese Supermarket called DALAT. The coconuts were horrible and the pulp was difficult to scrape off. 

Kevin and I ended up going to Restaurant Depot in Fullerton and got a pack of coconuts! 9 coconuts for $17.95! These are much better quality and the juice tastes wonderful. The pulp was also easy to scrape! 

Coco Jack's Customer service was....
alright. We got a confirmation email saying that it'll be shipped asap. However, a long long while passed and still we received no updates from coco jack. Is it a scam? Did they just close shop and run away? What was happening!? Not gonna lie I got pretty paranoid.

Finally, after contacting them again the Coco Jack people said they were sorting out manufacturing issues. 

Kevin asked to waive shipping fees as compensation for such a long wait and it was accepted. A few bucks were refunded. I guess the customer service ain't so bad but they should have at least updated us...

All you really need for personal use is the mallet and Coco Jack.
I don't think it's necessary to buy the other stuff. The scraper? Naw. Just use a strong spoon. Bag? I don't think so. If you're just gonna be leisurely using this for personal use and wanna save money, all you really need is the coco jack and the mallet! It's around $40 for the two.

Official Coco Jack Website:

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