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For the first time ever, Starbucks introduces the new "Cherry Blossom Frappuccino" to the United States! Woo! 

I was so excited for this when I first heard about it online and even on the radio! What could the new limited drink be? It's Cherry Blossom!

But oh man I was so disappointed...

So here is what the "Cherry Blossom" Frappuccino actually looks like. It's pink and white and green! 

And here is what the Cherry Blossom Frappuccino in Japan looks like. Notice how I did not put any quotation marks this time because the frapp in Japan is legit y'all. They use actual Cherry Blossom flavors for their frapp!

Here is the official news release of Starbuck's Cherry Blossom Frappuccino:

I made my boyfriend go get this drink with me the first day that this frapp became available. I was super excited because I love Japan (have traveled there twice now!) and miss their seasonal Cherry Blossom flavored everything! I was so happy when I heard that Starbucks is bringing this drink to the states!

We both got the medium sized drink which was about $5 each.

We sipped.

And sipped.

"This tastes like strawberry," says Kevin.


Hmm... it did taste like strawberry... ?!

I kept trying to detect some sort of cherry blossom like / floral like flavor from the drink...


Every sip just tasted like strawberry.

We searched online for the ingredients later and found out that the frappe is actually just a Strawberry Frappuccino with Matcha Powder and Matcha Syrup drizzled.

What a disappointment.

Hey Starbucks, this is false advertisement! I felt so betrayed. I wanted my taste buds to take a trip to Japan. But nope.

It was just an overly sweet Strawberry Frappuccino T__T.

The Japanese version of the Cherry Blossom Frappuccino contains: cherry blossom white chocolate flavored powder and strawberry flavored whipped cream!
-- According to a Japanese friend of mine, there was a time that her drink tasted more like Strawberry. But her recent drink tasted more like Cherry Blossoms. Apparently this season they also have soy and apricot frappuccinos!

Asian Starbucks. Why are you so much better than ours... ?!

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  1. oh, that sucks ): i haven't tried it, but i guess i'm not too surprised that it's more strawberry than sakura- remember the whole psl's without pumpkin period? and i think my s'mores frap had maybe a pinch of graham cracker crumbs total when i tried that.

    guess you'll just have to make a trip over to japan soon! (;

    1. I actually liked the S'mores Frap, but I do wish it had more graham crackers. I feel like most S'mores flavored food is lacking on the graham crackers.

    2. OMG WHAT ?? THEIR PUMPKIN SPICE LATTE HAS NO PUMPKIN? now that is just ridiculous and false advertisement! and awww I think s'mores anything in general needs more graham crackers ! why are people leaving that important ingredient out or not putting enough!

      i did enjoy the smores frappe though and got multiple for myself ^__^