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Souk Shawarma
Address: 1111 Wilshire Blvd. Suite 104 Los Angeles, CA 90017 
Official Website:

*There is parking inside the structure next to Souk Shawarma. The sign actually says parking for Plan Check Kitchen + Bar but it includes the other retail places including this. Parking is limited though so bring yo quarters for street meter parking.

 Take a bite into the Chicken Shawarma. I bet ya, no regrets!

The garlic sauce that came with this chicken is bombbbbbbbb. Got a hint of lemon and it's light and creamy!

Before, I never really exactly knew what hummus was. It was a foreign thing that I really didn't know how to eat. I used to work at a cafe that served Mediterranean dishes and at that cafe, I had my first experience. IT IS PRETTY DARN GOOD!

Kevin and I tried these falafel chips. I think it was around $2 but it was so interesting that we just HAD to try it! IT ACTUALLY TASTES LIKE FALAFEL. There's a hint in there at least!

It tastes good by itself but I dipped it with some hummus. 

This is the muhammara which is a walnut and red pepper spread. GREAT WITH PITA BREAD TOO!

One of the things I recommend here is the popcorn falafel! I actually really love falafel... ^__^

Have you ever tried Mediterranean food?  I personally haven't tried many restaurants specializing in this but I'm glad that I got to try Souk Shawarma!

I just know that I really love Falafel. My first time ever trying that was at the Arabic Festival in Garden Grove many moons ago and I was volunteering for Key Club (yes, very long ago when I was even in Key Club) and wanted to try something "foreign". Everything there was foreign but you gotta take risks and chances right? My taste-buds ended up lovin` it!

Souk Shawarma, located in downtown Los Angeles, is a great choice for all y'all wanting to try Mediterranean! Why? It's currently the only restaurant in the entire United States with wood burning shawarma using an unconventional horizontal rotisserie. Isn't that interesting? Usually you will go to places and see vertical rotating rotisseries but here it's horizontal! I'm sure the meat tastes better that way somehow ^_^

Some of the things the menu includes:
  • Grass-fed beef (sirloin)
  • Australian lamb (halal)
  • Duck
  • Beef sausage (sadouk)
  • Moroccan lamb sausage
  • Chicken
For more, check out their menu here:

So if you're gonna try this place out, I recommend the popcorn falafel, chicken, hummus (of course!) and the dirty fries. GET THAAAAAAT.

Here's a photo of the dirty fries I found from yelp taken by Annie T.:

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