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 This was in the daytime at around 4pm when I went to Yogurtland at the Diamond Jamboree (Irvine) location. NO LINE! SHORTEST WAIT EVER! Why? Because they did not weigh your cups. Just grab the cup and pour the yogurt and go!
 This was probably around 6pm at the Costa Mesa location (Harbor and Baker). The line was longgg but also because they did weigh your cup. I think they cared to know how many ounces of yogurt they were losing out. 

The best things in life are free right? Mark your calendars because in a few weeks Yogurtland will be giving out free yogurt on February 2nd, 2015 from 4pm - 7pm!

The photos posted above are when Kev and I went to take advantage of this awesome deal at Yogurtland. We decided to go to 3 locations but only got yogurt from 2 locations. They give you a smaller cup than what they normally offer but you can still get a loooooot out of that cup. Get creative and overflow that thing! That's what Kev and I did and damn we were sure more than satisfied!

We went to three locations:
  • Diamond Jamboree (Irvine): The line was super short. Actually I don't remember there even being a line. Everything went smoothly and quickly because they did not weigh your cups. This meant that you just grab and go!
  • University Town Center (Irvine) across from UCI: The line here was ridiculously long. It went around the plaza. Wow! It seemed to be never ending. That's why Kev and I decided to give up and went to a different location. I think the line here was super long because it's a convenient location for UCI students. 
  • Harbor and Baker (Costa Mesa) where Target is: The line here was probably about a 20 minute wait. It took awhile because they weighed our cups here but no complaints since it's all free anyways! 

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