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You'll Always Have A Pizza My Heart (Get Yours All February)

For Valentine's Day, Mountain Mike's pulled through with a giant pizza shaped as a 💕heart! It is completely filled with love and with so many curly pepperonis! Most pizza places don't cover the pizza with a plethora of pepperonis like how Mountain Mike's does it! And honestly, that's why I love this place. 

For the entire month of February, (and there's an extra day this 2020 year!), you can order a heart-shaped pizza on the spot at any Mountain Mike's location! (They got so many locations!) Unfortunately, the only one in Orange County is in Lake Forest....*tears*

The large heart-shaped pizza is 14 inches and costs $22.95. Howevaaa!! You can get a discount! I found this Groupon coupon deal that gives you $30 worth of food for only $15! Totally worth it! With that, you can get that heart shaped pizza and some wings or garlic bread! 

heartbroken pizza

The pizza is sooooooooooo good! The bread itself is sorta thick, so I think it'd be great to dip in some marinara if you chose to. But also the toppings! They have so many choices of toppings! For this visit, I only got pepperoni and extra cheese to keep it simple. And wow I love the amount of pepperonis they add! They literally cover the entire thing with pepperoni and this ain't no normal's the mini curly kind! It's extra crispy because of the size and type. Unfortunately, the pizza can get very greasy/oily because of the pepperoni oozing out its juices. If you're okay with that, then it's perfect!

I've tried their other pizza before and I love the one that reminds me of boiling crab LOL. There is one pizza with toppings that include cajun sausages and more! I reaaaaaally enjoyed eating that last time and best believe there were no leftovers!

Whoaaaaaaa. this was surprisingly SUPER CHEESY! I got this as an appetizer and had to add some chili flakes to it. It comes with a side of marinara sauce too which is thick and good. The bread is more like a baguette bread sliced up, and is very crispy. It is topped with tons of cheese and garlic! I really recommend this and it's only $5.95! 

If you didn't get your sweetheart that pizza heart, no worries! You still have time! Mountain Mike's is offering the heart shaped pizza all February long, now until February 29!


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Mountain Mike's Groupon Deal (for Lake Forest)
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