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Sept. 21 | BOGO FREE Ice Cream @ Maiko Cafe Matcha - Westminster

Another Maiko Cafe Matcha has opened up, in Westminster! They are officially soft opening on September 21 (Saturday) and is offering a bogo free promo on their soft serve! All Matcha Cafe Maiko are franchises and are owned by different owners, which is why each one has a different variation of the products in terms of menu offerings, style, taste, texture, etc. Each cafe also has different unique menu offerings too! For an example, this location offers a variety of soft serve ice cream flavors! The owner is the same owner as Cheesetella (Japanese Cheesecake dessert bakery) and this location is a joint location with Cheesetella in Westminster!

Photo Credit | @MaikoWestminster

The Matcha Cafe Maiko in Westminster (located on Bolsa / Brookhurst in the same plaza as 4 Seasons tea) has unique soft serve ice cream flavors including matcha, durian, Vietnames Coffee, and vanilla. They recently introduced made-from-scratch avocado boba. WOW! Wonder how that tastes!

Review: I have tried their matcha soft serve before and it has a very soft and creamy texture, similar to that of Maiko Cafe Matcha Fountain Valley.

Review: I also had their durian soft serve ice cream too! It isn't that strong in durian to be honest but the flavor is still there. It's a safe strength of durian for anyone who wants to be introduced to this pungent fruit to 

 AESTHETIC: Out of all of the Orange County locations that have opened so far, the interior design of this location is probably the cutest and most aesthetically pleasing. It's so girly chic and floral! WOW! Reminds me of Korea hehe. It has similar aesthetic to the Cheesetella in Buena Park at the Source, which is unsurprising considering that they are the same owner. The second cutest location in my opinion is the Garden Grove location, and the 3rd place cutest is the Fountain Valley location (Sorry). Westminster and Garden Grove locations are very IG-Friendly spots hehehe.

Photo Credit | @MaikoWestminster

Buy 1 Get 1 Free soft serve ice cream

September 21, 2019 from 11am-11pm

WHERE (same plaza as 4 Seasons Tea)
9922 Bolsa Ave
Westminster, CA 92683

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