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Fall In Love with the Best Portuguese Egg Tarts in Orange County

Only the best quality ingredients are sourced so that each product is made with care and exudes excellence. This bakery imports several ingredients such as exclusive flours, chocolate, or even two year aged Vermont cheddar. The product speaks for itself, that words like "gourmet" or "premium" become unnecessary as it is inherent in the product itself.

*Disclosure: I was invited to Paderia Bakehouse as a media guest to try out their menu. No worries though, because all opinions are mine and won't be swayed by the free stuff I got. I like to keep it real, yanno?


This bakery is known for the softest and chewiest cookies, some say even better than the famous Levain Bakery from New York. This bakery also bakes fresh malasadas, with fresh flavored creams including matcha, vanilla, and even ube.

But the bakery does not stop innovating. Their newest product is their own take on the Portuguese Egg Tart, and it is probably the best tasting egg tart I've ever had to date.

This is Paderia Bakehouse, located in Fountain Valley and opens until sold out. 

Seriously though, how dreamy do these Egg Tarts look? Eggstra dreamy right? Your dreams of biting into these fresh, flaky, eggy, smooth egg tarts can start Saturday, July 13. That's when the product debuts at Paderia Bakehouse.

Kevin and I got to try their Raspberry Matcha and Dulce de Leche Drink. I am usually a matcha fan but honestly, their Dulce de Leche drink blew me away. I wish I got that drink instead (it was Kevin's).

BTW. Yes, the Raspberry Matcha drink was amazing as well.

They had a big tower display of malasadas, so Kevin and I decided to take some fun photos....LOL

The Portuguese Egg Tarts will be available starting Saturday, July 13. I can't wait to buy a box of these because the bakers at Paderia have seriously outdone themselves again! These egg tarts are so damn good!

Kevin noticed that the Egg Tarts sorta taste like kettle corn, when you eat more of the flaky pastry part with a itty bitty eggy part. Try it out and lemme know if it reminds you of kettle corn. LOL

I just love how flaky and crispy and airy the pastry part is, and the middle is not overly sweet, perfectly smooth eggy, and flavorful! Sorta made me think of flan.

Tues-Fri: 7am-2pm
Sat-Sun: 8am-2pm
Fri-Sat: 5pm-8pm

ADDRESS: (in the same plaza as Shinsengumi, 24hr Fitness, Drill'd Ice Cream)
Paderia Bakehouse
18279 Brookhurst St.
Suite 1
Fountain Valley, CA 92708

(714) 916-5977

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