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밀탑빙수 Mealtop - Famous Korean Bingsoo Brand - Opens in Buena Park

The wait is over. And honestly, I've been waiting for too long! Ever since I saw the "Mealtop" sign at The Source mall in Buena Park, I was anticipating and waiting and so eager to try it when it opened. Probably a year later (may be inaccurate, but felt like a year or even longer!), the store finally opened! WOO!

*Disclosure: I was invited to Mealtop as a media guest to try out their menu. No worries though, because all opinions are mine and won't be swayed by the free stuff I got. I like to keep it real, yanno?

Why was I so excited? Well, because this is one of the most famous bingsoo (korean shaved snow) places ever in Korea! As someone who has lived in Korea several years ago, this store opening was bringing me the nostalgia! I had great memories in Korea. The Mealtop in Korea had so many options. But the shaved snow was especially melt-in-yo-mouth soft and sweet, with fresh red bean that even I didn't mind eating (normally I hate red bean).

So of course, I had to visit the first U.S. location of Mealtop!

The interior design is typical of Korean cafes. Elegant and chic. I love the minimalist design, but actually think it is sorta plain in comparison to Basilur Tea  & Coffee which is only downstairs in this same outdoor shopping center. I think Basilur is way more modern/chic/elegant in design and is more IG-worthy for sure. 

Check out the menu! They have a special injeolmi pancake dessert. If you're unfamiliar, injeolmi is a.k.a. "kinako" (Japanese version of the word) or roasted soybean powder! It's personally one of my faves types of flavors and toppings.

Rent must be hella pricey here, because the prices are overwhelming. I am used to $3-4 cheaper for shaved snow in Korea, but I guess since it's an imported brand, they gotta price it up a bit? 

Not gonna lie, I am also very shocked by the drink pricing. Over $7 for a drink that is mostly milk + flavor doesn't seem reasonable to me. 

We got Orange Cafe Latte which is from the Specialty Menu and the Strawberry Matcha Latte. Both of these cost over $14, but to be honest the taste isn't too out of this world to justify such a high price. I think the Matcha flavor was weak in the Strawberry Matcha Latte drink and it was overall too milky, but I appreciated the addition of real strawberries in there. The Orange Cafe Latte was basically a milk tea type of drink with orange. So it was a citrus-y milk tea. The taste grew on me actually, but I'm not sure if I would pay $7.25 for this.

For the shaved snow, Kevin and I ordered the Strawberry Matcha Bingsoo and Injeolmi Bingsoo which are $10.75 each.

Both of the shaved snow desserts have rice cake and red bean on top. Although it did melt a bit because I was taking photos for the gram, I wish the ice didn't clump up. The small shaved ice clumped up together and formed bigger chunks, making the dessert quite an icy one rather than a soft "snow" dessert. But this may be my fault because I didn't eat it right away. 

The flavor was delicious though! But sorta lacking when for the Injeolmi. I wish that one had more soybean powder. Most of the flavor was milky.

I noticed at the okbingsul (another Korean shaved snow spot), even when melted, the shaved snow there is very finely shaved and soft. This is also downstairs in the same shopping center. Mealtop has a lot of competition here!

Overall, from my experience, the shaved snow didn't seem to be very finely shaved or soft as snow. However, I went before it grand opened so I am sure they worked out the kinks! This place probably deserves another visit from me in a few months, since according to the Yelp reviews + photos, the shaved snow actually looks like SNOW! YUM! The drinks are overpriced though not gonna lie. I'd rather get drinks from Basilur or Ding Tea or Gongcha which are all located in the same center.

I heard their Injeolmi Toast is amazing though! Gotta try that next time...

If you're down to give Mealtop a try, let me know how it goes!


(located upstairs on the 3rd floor at The Source in Buena Park)
6940 Beach Blvd
Buena Park, CA 90621

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