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This New Spot Has Mi Goreng Donuts, Churro Sliders, and MORE!

Check out the new Nitrolado in Westminster! 


(old location is gone)


The brand new Nitrolado dessert shop is so dang different from the original one. It still keeps the liquid nitrogen ice cream and famous churro bowls, but also brings some of the latest food trends from Asia to Orange County. 

This location is very big with different seating areas! It is a great hang out spot!

More seating! Check out the cute PacMan ghosts on the wall.

Keep Calm and Nom Nom...

I love their variety of savory bites! They  take an excitingly refreshing twist on some popular trends. Some stuff I tried included the Pho Fries, Honey and Butter Chips, Mi Goreng Donut, and Churro Sliders!

KFC | $7
This is the KFC. No, not the chicken made by the old kentucky dude. And not even Korean fried chicken. This is actually  Korean Fried Cauliflower! It's similar to "Korean Fried Chicken: in terms of flavor but is cauliflower instead!

Honey Butter Chips | $6
Omg! Don't these Honey and Butter Chips look so good and finger lickin` good? The stickiness and shiny look is from the honey butter glaze. These chips are fresh tasting, thick, and delicious! It tastes very different from the famous honey and butter chips (Calbee brand) that you get in the supermarket. I enjoyed these and recommend for anyone that loves savery + sweet combinations!

Pho Fries | $8.50
Craving Pho and Fries at the same time? Nitrolado has got chuuu. They have these brand new pho king fries that actually taste like pho. It's like the fries were dipped in pho broth or something and the seasonings are just right. I would recommend adding some hoisin sauce or even sriracha sauce for a spicy kick! 

Sticky Rice Bombs | $9
Their new food menu is so creative. I especially thought the concept of the sticky rice bombs is bomb dot com. It comes with a house sauce that is creamy, tangy, & spicy. These balls have Chinese sausage, a cheese center, shiitake mushrooms, and sesame oil inside. It's got a lot inside, right? This is one of those little bites recommended for mushroom lovers though (like me) because the shiitake is overpowering everything else in there. 

Nitro BBQ Pulled Pork Sliders with Churro Buns | $9
Nitrolado is keepin` it with the Churro theme here with this one. This is seriously one of the most creative things I've ever heard and tried at a cafe hang out type of spot. They are really elevating the snack game here! Popcorn chicken is too basic now. These churro buns are crispy and soft inside, and the pulled pork was tender and moist. 

Doodle Nut | $4.50
The Mi Goreng donut is a must-try for all you indomie lovers! These have been a trendy street food his in Asia and now you can find them at Nitrolado. It's basically a deep fried Mi Goreng Instant noodles in a donut shape! It is officially called the Doodle Nut which comes with a house sauce (sorta spicy and tangy and creamy mayo) for $4.50.

Is anyone diggin` Kevin's Gudetama outfit as much as I am? hehe

This is the inside of the Sticky Rice Bombs.

We also got some drinks. I got the green tea horchata and Kevin got some lemonade I think. The drinks are honestly aiiight. Nothing special to be praising over. They are basic. I heard their coffee was good though but didn't try it. 

Wow. I must say, the new stuff from Nitrolado is innovative and exciting! Especially, the churro bun sliders! WOW!

I didn't have time (or stomach space) to try their ice cream. I wasn't interested at that time either because I suspected that the ice cream would taste similar to the previous Nitrolado. The owner informed me otherwise though. So maybe I will try it in the future? Idk...

But while there are so many other ice cream shops, I'd recommend Nitrolado for their bites and snacks. I was impressed by how interesting they sounded and actually how yummy they were too! So yes, that's what makes Nitrolado stand out: the food! Such creativity!

And I too, recommend y'all to try their new food items!

Location is hard to find though. This is basically next door to Asian Garden Mall, but parking is tight and scarce. So it is recommended to actually park at Asian Garden mall and then walk over (takes like 3 min to walk).

Nitrolado Address:
15041 Moran St
Ste 101
Westminster, CA 92683

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