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Nitrolado introduces first "Fog" Ice Cream in California! Woo!

They have donuts too! 

This looks amazing! Nitrolado has so many exotic flavors too like Pandan and Green Tea! Gotta get my fix soon!

Get as many toppings as you want because they are charged by weight!

(all of the above photos are taken from the Nitrolado Yelp and Facebook)

This photo below is of Bastille Cereal Bar. It's a famous soft serve ice cream spot in Seoul (Itaewon) that is known for cereal soft serve with dry ice magic. Looks so "foggin" cool...right?!

From the Korean Dessert Scene.
I've always been a fan of desserts in Korea. Why? Because somehow the desserts there are so innovative and trendy that it makes the dessert scene in California here come from the middle ages. An example is the honey comb chip soft serve ice cream. I'm sure that's so 5 years ago and quite old fashioned now in Korea (But still everywhere!). Cotton candy over soft serve? Please. That's so last last year now.

During my trip to Korea last summer, I had a bucket list of dessert places to try out. Unfortunately, I couldn't fit it all in a 2 week span. One of my regrets was not being able to try the ever so fancy and popular Bastille Cereal Bar known for serving cereal milk soft serve (like Momofuku in New York) with fog coming out. Yes. Fog!

Check out my Korean bucket list which includes Bastille Cereal Bar here:

Famous Fog Gelato Finally Comes to California. 
Finally, I can try a similar type of concept in California. And guess what? It is in no other place than the Little Saigon area in Garden Grove / Westminster, which has been gaining popularity in the dessert scene lately with popular shops popping up all around!

That place is called Nitrolado, a new liquid nitrogen had it's official Grand Opening last Saturday (March 5). And although I haven't seen it making much of a buzz in the Instagram foodie world, it's definitely a spot I'm going to put on my bucket list. It's not very hyped up in my opinion, but the best kept secrets are hidden right? And of course, the hipster foodies are the ones to check out places before they gain fame, right? 

Garden Grove is getting pretty darn cool now. No need to travel far for liquid nitrogen made ice cream anymore!

But, Nitrolado is not just another typical specialty ice cream shop to bring liquid nitrogen to Garden Grove. 
What makes this place different from other shops in all of California (I religiously looked this up before hand) is that they add a block of dry ice in another cup and then double cup your ice cream so that it would look like smoke and fog are coming out of your yummy treat. Think of it as Vape-looking ice cream. Also, it keeps your ice cream from melting away. 

Can you believe it? Can I believe it? There is such a place now in Garden Grove. In my hood (yes I'm a GG resident). THAT DOES IT LIKE BASTILLE IN KOREA WITH THE DRY ICE CUBES!

**Whether or not the owners were inspired by the Korean dessert scene to introduce this concept or not is just my guess. They could have been inspired by other parts of the world. Or simply, they could have thought of it on their own. 

Either way, thanks for saving me a plane trip to Korea, Nitrolado

It's like a YogurtLand x Liquid Nitrogen shop.
There's another thing I should mention. Nitrolado offers unlimited toppings. Almost. First, you choose your toppings and they are priced by weight. So, top it all off with whatever you want! Similar to Yogurtland! Then, you choose your ice cream flavors and watch your treat being made through chemical reactions. The whole thing is then cupped with a cube of dry ice to give that smokey and foggy effect!

Alright. Now that you know about this new place, it's time for a food adventure!

10212 Westminster Ave Ste 115
Garden Grove, CA 92843
**If I'm not mistaken, it's near Crawfish House / Almond Haus on the intersection of Westminster / Brookhurst!




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