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The Foodie Space in Pasadena Is A Giant Food Playground

Wait. Let me take a pic first. 
If you have ever said these words before eating your meal, this is the museum for you. The Foodie Space is an interactive museum, brought to you by the creators of the 626 Night Market, It features giant food to play around with, because we all know, food is funner when you play with it. Right?

The giant food are all handmade by artists. Damn. It's a genius idea for those seeking Instaworthy moments. And it's just a fun activity in general to finally be in a world full of giant food! Kind of like that one movie... what was it... "Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs"! I actually LOVE that movie!

This museum is taking over Pasadena Museum of California Art for a limited time. 
Check out the website here:


Oh and also, I hope you enjoy my fun food photo diary! I had such a fun time taking tons of photos!

I just love being a lazy egg. 

"Breakfast is a social construct".

How deep.

Make sure to balance things. There will always be light and dark. 

Wow, wtf. Kevin was tall enough to put cover the yin yang circles with the sushi? daaang

If only the sushi rolls were real though.


Let me peel off this naruto to put inside my ramen bowl. Yummm


 Alright, who wants some soda?

The Foodie Space interactive museum!

Pizza Dreams

Yes, you can jump on this area, The pizza area! Make sure to take off your shoes though.

The chhhhhhhheeeeeeeesy pizzza needs more pepperoni though. What do you think?

LMAO at Kevin though

Sweet tooth.

Who wants some fancy caviar? MEEEEEEE.

i. am. the. caviar.

What about some cod roe?

The "Sweet Dreams" chair has a bunch of cute candies up close! So cuuuuuute!

Let me invite you to my wedding.



These tea cups are delicate, so be gentle when you sit yourself in it.

 Our love is pho real.

Catch me at the next party.


 If only I knew they had this eggzibit. Because I would have made Kevin and I wear matching Gudetama stuff!

 Kevin looks so comfortable inside the eggs. hehe. They were basically egg blankets and so so soft and fuzzy wuzzy.

 All handmade. Wow.


don't get it twisted.

Buy Tickets here:

 Launch Pricing $20 Tue-Thu | $25 Fri-Sun (Ends 11/30)
Free for children 2 & under

Go check out their social media:

Pasadena Museum of California Art
490 Union Street
Pasadena, CA 91101



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