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May 5 | Pho 101 Grand Opens in Westminster - FREE PHO

There is a new pho spot in town opening in Westminster (though I consider it more Huntington Beach since it's across from Bella Terra...) that is called PHO 101. If you're a fan of PHO 79, this place is by the same founders!

Photo Credit | @eatpho101 on Instagram
During my visit, I got to try their Pho Tai (rare beef) and Bun Thit Nuong + Cha Gio + Tom (vermicelli noodles with pork, egg rolls and shrimp)!

Here is a quick review before I officially blog a more detailed review on it:

Pennywort Juice

  • this drink usually needs an acquired taste because it has a very "grassy" flavor to it
  • However, the version at Pho101 is actually very sweet and tame, so even a noob might even like it!
  • I personally prefer it to be less sweetened since I enjoy the "Grassy" healthy taste!

Coconut Juice with coconut meat

  • doesn't taste like it's straight out of the coconut
  • tastes like the ones from the containers you get at the supermarket (but most places serve this anyway)
  • overall, still delicious and refreshing!

Hot Soybean Milk

  • warmed me up in all the right ways!
  • your typical Vietnamese soymilk that you can find at the Viet bakeries or supermarkets. 
  • Not too sweet just the way it should be!

Pho Tai

  • for the price, this bowl of pho actually gives a decent amount of meat! 
  • I enjoyed it with the fresh thick noodles
  • broth was flavorful but not too overpowering. Even better with the Sriracha and Hoisin!
  • Overall, yes I recommend this!

Bun Thit Nuong + Cha Gio + Shrimp
  • noodles itself were fine
  • Do not really recommend this for the quality / taste of the meats
    • shrimp was plump but not thoroughly de-veined (de-pooped as I like to call it)
      • although 2 of them were nice and clean, 1 of them still had a thick strand of shrimp poop ("vein")
    • thit nuong (grilled pork)
      • this was probably cooked in coconut oil because it tasted very coconutty. I personally DO NOT like coconut flavors in other things
      • was dry and chewy so I couldn't eat all of it
    • egg rolls
      • barely any actual meat. I mostly tasted the mushrooms
      • I did enjoy the fact that it was wrapped in rice paper (the clear one) rather than eggroll paper! 
    • OVERALL the meat portion is GENEROUS! Just wish it was a bit betttaaa cause the Pho was actually good

Okay, nvm, this review was longer than I intended... BUT HOPE IT IS HELPFUL <3

Photo Credit | @eatpho101 on Instagram

Photo Credit | @eatpho101 on Instagram

Photo I took when I visited the restaurant!


  • First 100 customers in line get FREE Pho ! .
  • Next 100 customers in line get Buy One Get One 50% off ! .
  • Pho 101 will be raffling a TV .
  • Share your photos with us at #EatPho101 for a chance to win a $50 or $100 gift card !

May 5, starting at 10am until 10pm.

Pho 101 (located across from Bella Terra in the same plaza as Sprint)
8031 Edinger Ave, Westminster, CA 92683

Entering this plaza is weirdly difficult because there is only one entrance which is on the Edinger side right before the Beacb Blvd. If you are coming from Beach Blvd (from Mcfadden Towards Edinger), you'll need to turn left on Edinger and make a U-Turn miles away to finally get into the plaza through a small curb thingy. LOL Anyway, good luck!

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