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GIVEAWAY | Dine with Ocean Views @ Mozambique in Laguna Beach

A few weekends ago, *disclosure* @EatWithNorma and I went to Mozambique in Laguna Beach to try out their menu as media guests. It is set in a beautiful place overlooking the beach. A perfect date spot because of the rooftop seating area with beach views. 

There is even free self-parking as well as valet parking. But if you decide to park by the meter, I heard it isn't strictly enforced either. I parked at a meter and although an hour had passed, I didn't get any ticket. Park at your own risk though!

Anyway, we go to pick a few items from the menu.

This is the Sampler Plate ($25) from the appetizer menu! It gives a bit of everything to try.

Yummmmmm! I dined here with @EatWithNorma and we got all this food! 

This is the Mozambique Burger ($16). It features a 10 oz.  chopped filet, cheddar cheese, applewood smoked bacon, lettuce, with tomato and onion .

The food was looking delicious so far, but pics first!

4 prawns with the shell on, rice and mixed vegetables with Peri-Peri sauce.

Look at that huge 10oz beef patty~! This is the Mozambique Burger.

And yupp that's MEEE! About to dig into the chicken pops!

Omggggggg the chicken pops taste so good with the peri-peri sauce! We had to order more of that sauce! It made everything taste good! It has a sort of creamy and slightly spicy tangy flavor.

Whoaaa look at this dessert! The restaurant surprised us with their Flourless Chocolate Ganache.

This parrot was just chillin by the restaurant! I had to get a pic... NATURE! I was a bit close and it didn't fly away. Whew!

The restaurant is actually huuuuuge. There is rooftop seating and beautiful indoor seating like this as well. 

The customer service was great. This is one of those places that I would probably take a date to since it's by the beach. And maybe even have a beach adventure before or after. The prices are on the expensive end though, but it is located in Laguna Beach after all so that is to be expected. I recommend going for lunch because the prices are cheaper. However, the Sampler Plate is on the dinner menu.

Sitting on the rooftop was nice, except you might have to watch out for the sun. It will be moving and where you sit might have to surrender to the harsh sunrays. So, I recommend sitting as far from the sun as possible from the start since I was sweaaaaaaating.

Here is what we ordered:

  • Description: 2 grilled prawns, 2 chicken pops, farmer’s sausage and 2 beef samoosas, served with grilled pineapple and Peri-Peri sauce
  • Review: This is a great starter plate and great to share with 2 people. I recommend getting this if you are indecisive. It has basically the popular items that Mozambique is known for like the chicken pops and the prawns. The samoosas (kinda like wontons or fried dumplings) were very crispy and went so well with the sauce given. I think it was..peri-peri sauce? Yesssssss... that sauce is fiyaaaaaah. 

  • Description: 10 oz. freshly chopped filet, cheddar cheese, applewood smoked bacon, lettuce, with tomato and onion — also available lettuce wrapped
  • Review: This burger was pretty good but seemed too basic to be worth $16 in my opinion. Yes, the patty was thick and big but it wasn't notably incredibly juicy or burst with flavor. It was just a good ole burger. I think for $16, you can get a better burger elsewhere like a wagyu burger or something rather than the one here.

  • Description: This is Gluten Free. 4 prawns with the shell on, rice and mixed vegetables with Peri-Peri sauce
  • Review: This is their best dish out of everything we ordered. The prawns were huge and grilled well. It was juicy and PLUMP and burst with flavor. Make sure you order extra peri-peri sauce. That creamy sauce makes everything taste 10x better! 

  • Description: Vanilla ice cream and mixed berry coulis
  • Review: For some reason this didn't taste as good as we had hoped. It had a bouncy and rubbery texture and was just overall average. Is it because it is flourless? Is that how flourless ganaches are supposed to be like? Anyway, it wasn't my type of thing. The vanilla ice cream and berries were good though - Nice and fresh berries.

Apparently, the steak is good here. I haven't tried it, but there was a group of people sitting next to us that told us they were regular customers and come to Mozambique specifically for steak! Wow! Maybe next time I will try the steak!

Wow, I just realized I mentioned the ocean views so often... but didn't even take any pics to show y'all. LOL Well trust me, you can see the Laguna Beach view. You can see the line where the sky meets the sea.... it calls me .... (cue Moana...)


And... their social media:

Here is the address:
1740 S. Coast Hwy,
Laguna Beach, CA 92651


Win a $50 gift card to Mozambique in Laguna Beach so y'all can try it for yourself! 
I will be choosing one lucky Taste Bud!

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