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Mar. 16 - 18 | New Matcha and Matcha Horchata Drinks Are Only $1 @ Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf

I love window shopping and just passing by stores and looking at stuff. That's how I found out about this deal while on the way to 24 Hour Fitness (workin` hard!). I had to do a double take. Matcha... HORCHATA?! For Just $1! Damn, Coffee Bean is getting trendy with these new drinks!

Photo Credit | Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf

These are new seasonal drinks available to start the new Spring season! They are now currently available at all Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf locations. But I advise that you wait until this weekend (Mar. 16 - 18) because these new drinks are only going to be $1!

Where is the matcha sourced from? Props to the Coffee Bean Instagram for being engaging and actually responding to comments and questions. Someone indeed did ask this question. I'm glad because I am also curious. The matcha is ceremonial grade matcha sourced from Shizuoka, Japan.

Here are the drink descriptions straight from their website:

Matcha Horchata
Enjoy a new way to greet the day with authentic matcha flavor enhanced with the spicy cinnamon and rice flavors of horchata! We've paired our new ceremonial grade matcha with our classic vanilla powder, the spicy warmth of horchata, and milk to create delicious, creamy matcha beverage with a kick.

Our new and improved Matcha Tea beverages are a creamy, lightly-sweetened blend of ceremonial grade matcha with our classic vanilla powder and milk. With more enhanced, brighter matcha flavor than ever before, it's a great way to kick off your day or enjoy as a refreshing afternoon pick-me-up. Current matcha consumers will really appreciate this upgrade.

When I saw the deal at the store, I was immediately excited and already made plans with Kevin that we must go try it this weekend! I wanted to make sure that the deal is not just at that store (Costa Mesa) that I saw the sign at. But for some reason, the deal is not posted anywhere on the internet!? I couldn't find it at all, not even their main website (or am I blind).

So, just to make sure and verify that this deal is indeed happenin`, I called another Coffee Bean location nearby. I asked if the deal is at all locatons and the staff said yes. I'm guessing they are lowkey advertising this only at the stores first...... ? Anyway, it's at all locations so no worries!

Get a small matcha or small matcha horchata as a latte, iced latte, or ice blended drink for just $1

March 16 - 18 | 2pm - close

All Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf locations

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