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Mar. 10 | Basilur Tea Grand Opens at The Source OC - First 100 Get Free Drinks

Basilur Tea is having it's official grand opening at The Source OC in Buena Park this Saturday, March 10!

Photo Credit | Basilur Tea

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First 100 people get a free milk bottle.

Side note: I contacted The Source OC social media rep many many times and they just would not elaborate on the details. I wanted to post this promotion days in advance but The Source OC wouldn't send me any additional info or at least some pictures to use. Not even the main IG for Basilur.USA has any good / useful information so it's like ughhhhhhh T___T I just wanna spread the news to my Taste Buds jeezbus. LOL

Yo, I just wanted to advertise for free. The only pics that shows the actual milk bottle was on the IG Story of The Source OC. I wish I screen shotted it for y'all because it looks so fancy and cool!

What the milk bottle looks like:
From the few pics I saw that was posted temporarily on The Source OC's IG Story, it looks like a clear glass bottle that sorta has a flask shape to it. Super fancy and girly! And it has tea inside like milk tea.

March 10, 2018 starting at 9am.

Basilur Tea located at The Source OC - first floor.

Here's the address:
6940 Beach Blvd, Buena Park CA 90621

Connect with Basilur Tea USA

UPDATE 3/9 4:39pm:
So after posting this article and tagging Basilur Tea on social media with it: Basilur Tea actually responded with a photo. LOL. OMG finally. This is what I've been asking for the past several days. T_______T. Now it seems like I am posting the deal so late (1 day before) when actually I knew about it many days prior. WAHH.

Anyway, here's what the bottles look like:

It might not be glass after all from this pic. Looks like hard plastic. Either way, looks coooooool!

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